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-Antheridia(containing sperm)in liverworts,
-Genus Marchantia*
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
Note: Antheridia produce "flagellated sperms" to be more specific
What is the red circle shape structure? Give the name of this plant genus? Kingdom? And Domain?
Archegonium(liverworts' organism that produce eggs), containing eggs
What is structure on no.2? What is it containing?
What is structure on No.1 that looks like mushroom called? Is it Male or Female gametophyte
Antheridiophore(liverworts), male gametophyte because it contains Antheridium -> Antheridia-> flagellated sperms
What is the structure No.1 called? (liverworts)
Archegoniophore*-look like palm tree*.
Mature Sporophyte(liverworts)
what is this structure called?
(most ferns are Homosporous)
What is this spore production called?
(ALL seed plants and a few seedless vascular plant are heterosporous)
what is this spore production type?
Cork screw shape cells that are responsible for dispersing spores in the liverworts
what is the elaters(2n) labeled on No.4?
Gemmae cups containing Gemmae. It can mitosis to become liverworts
(Asexual reproduction)
it's haploid because it becomes liverworts(n) by mitosis
What is the round structure in this picture? And What is its function?
What is Phylum of liverworts?
And what genus that we did in the lab? Is it Vascular or nonvascular plant?
Phylum Hepatophyta**, Genus Marchantia**,
it's nonvascular(gametophyte is dominant)
Hornworts, It's sporophyte.
The bottom part on the ground is gametophyte.
common name-Hornworts
What is the plant in the pic? Is the labeled part Gametophyte or sporophyte? What is the Domain,kingdom, phylum of this plant
Is the structure on No.1 Gametophyte or sporophyte?
What is this plant's Genus?Phylum?Kingdom?Domain?
- Mosses-> Genus Polytrichum*
Phylum Bryophyta*
Kingdom Plantae
Domain Eukarya
gametophyte (liverworts are nonvascular plant-gametophyte is dominant)
-This part is called "Thallus"
Is this part of liverworts gametophyte or sporophyte
Genus Polytrichum*,
Phylum Bryophyta,
nonvascular plant.
What is the genus of this plant that we observed in the lab? Is this plant nonvascular or vascular
This plant is mosses
What is the structure on No.1? What is it containing?
Capsule or sporangium. It contains spores
What is the No.2 structure of this plant(mosses)called? what is its function?
"Operculum"look like lid.
It will pop off to let spore come out
This is longtitudial section of antheridial head of the moss.Can u tell where Antheridia is located from No.1-6?
No.6 it's Antheridium ->Antheridia->spores
This structure is sectioned of moss. Can u tell me what it is? And what is it containing in No.1?
Archegonia of moss, containing eggs
What are No.1 ans No.2 on this slide?
Moss capsule slide
What is label number No.1 that looks alike algae called?
Protonema**, It's immature gametophyte of mosses. It's haploid(n).
What is the teeth alike structure on No.1 called? And what is the genus of the plant that this structure is belonged to
Peristome teeth,
This structure is in Mosses and genus " Polytrichum "***
-Phylum Bryophyta
-kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
What is nonvascular plant? Give the examples of nonvascular plants?
known as "Bryophytes"
-gametophyte(n) is dominant
-No xylem or Phloem

-Ex.liverworts(Phylum Hepatophyta,Genus Marchantia)
-Ex.Hornworts (Phylum Anthocerophyta)
-Ex.Mosses(Phylum Bryophyta ,genus Polytrichum)
Other phylums are vascular
What are vascular plants?
Plant that have two types of tube:Xylem(conduct water and minerals-down) and Phloem (conduct food or sugar-up)
-Sporophyte(n) is dominant
-Seedless Vascular plant
->Use spores because it has no seed
-It is Whisk Fern
-" Psilotum nudum ****"
-Phylum Psilophyta
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
-"most primitive vascular plant" Because it has no true leave and root
What is this plant? Give the name of genus and species? In what phylum?Kingdom?Domain? Is it nonvascular or vascular plant?
-Florida quillwort(common)
-"Isoetes flaccida"
-Phylum Lycophyta
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
-Seedless Vascular plant
What is this plant?Can you name its genus and species? Is it in what Phylum?
This slide are section from a plant. Can you indicate the organism of plant that is being pointed.Can you tell what is the plant's genus?its phylum?
-Sporangia(contains spores)
-Genus Lycopodium(club moss)
-Phylum Lycophyta
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
-Seedless Vascular plant
What is this plant from? Give genus and species name.
-"Selaginella strobilus"
-Phylum Lycophyta
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
-Seedless Vascular plant
Sellaginella Lycopodium(spike moss)
-Phylum Lycophyta
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
-Seedless Vascular plant
What is this plant?
What is this plant?
Give the genus and species name? Phylum?
-Equisetum hyemale***
-It's horsetails or scouring rushed (use to scrub pots and pans)
- Have SiO2(Silica)
-No.1 is stem (photosyn.)
-No.2 is nonphotosyn.leave called leave sheath
-Phylum Sphenophyta***
-Kingdom Plantae
-Domain Eukarya
-Seedless Vascular plant
-Holly fern
-Phylum Pterophyta
-seedless vascular plant
What is this plant? What 's its phylum? Is it nonvascular or vascular plant?
Sori. Each one is called sorus. One sorus have so many sporangium(contains spores)
What is the small brown circle structure called?
Can you tell what is this structure? Where is Annulus? What's Annulus'function?
(contains spores-No.2)
-Annulus is on NO.3
-When Annulus is dried out,it causes the sporangium to break open exposing the spores to air currents
What is this heart shape structure called? Is it Gametophyte or sporophyte?What type of spore is it(homosporous or Heterosporous)
- This photosynthetic structure called
" Prothallus or Prothallium"
-Homosporous spore production
(single type of spore)
-Consists of Archegonium(dot-like), Anteridium(snake-like). That's why Prothallus is called a bisexual gametophyte.
What is this part of a plant called?
-Note: the circular growth pattern of the fiddlehead is called "Circinate vernation"
"Chara" Clade Charophyceans
-it's the closest algae relatives of plants
What is in this picture? How is it related to plant?