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why unions formed
1. worker make more money
2. protection of rights
3. keep peiple from arbitrary dismissal
4. benefits 5. dignity
economic dependence theory
employer has much more power than individual worker and the solution is to let the ind. bargain collectively
free rider problem
why would someone pay dues if they will automatically be covered by the union
agency shop (public sector)
a collectively bargained agreement bt the 2 parties that all workers in bargaining unit will contribute the equivalent of dues to union or charity
union shop
a collectively bargained agreement bt the 2 parties that all workers in bargaining unit will join the union and pay dues within 60 days enforced by employer
closed shop
requirement to join union before one can be hired - unlawful since taft hartley act but construction still does this through apprenticeship
lowest level of international union
collection of all locals that provides support
labor council
specific collection of local unions in an area usually a city
international representative
employee of int union who is assigned to certain geographic area to represent all workers
local union president
chief elected officer of the local
collection of internationals
largest union federation
an action over a contract disagreement
organized campaign to prevent consumer from buying a particular product
bargaining unit
collection of workers on a work site which a union represents
ex: production + maintenance
- a community of interest
collective bargaining
process by which a union and employer jointly decide on the terms and conditions of employment
bargainint agent
a union or an association that acts as a union
collective bargaining agreement
submission of a dispute arising under the terms of the labor agreement to a neutral for final and binding determination - creates contract
grievance arbitration (voluntary binding arbitration
submission of a dispute arising under terms of an already agreed to collective bargaining agreement - enforces contract
compulsory arbitration
decision by neutral about terms of the contract; the parties call in neutral to decide terms of contract when they have reached an impasse, cannot reach agreement and the decision is binding, usually setup by state gov for police, and fire
final offer arbitration
can only choose bt the two final offers in order to drive parties together
process by which a neutral goes between the two parties, arguin and cajoling them to a mutually agreeable contract; the neutral cannot decide the terms of the contract
fact finding
primarily used in public sector and authorized by state public sector law; neutral does not firmly decide on contract erms but renders a non binding but public decision which will become the basis of what parties agree to
what do arbitrators do?
get the facts, decide relevance, apply to terms of contract
NLRA section 7
right to act or not act as a group - right to concerted activity
employer ULP - interferance + discrimination
discharge bc of union
employer cant refuse to bargain
8 (d)
bargain in good faith
8(b)1 (a)
union ulp - interferance and discrimination
8(b) 3
union cant refuse to bargain
Taft Hartley
outlaws mass picketing, the secondary boycott, close shop and allow "right to work" laws
Landrum-Griffin '59
act against union corruption by making them file more financial forms than businesses and enforces union democracy that unions can be held on local or int levels
Fair Labor Standards Act protects children + min wage
Civil rights act protects based on race, color, religion, gender, nationality
Occupational Safety and Health Act - creates a safe workplace
Drug-free workplace Act - requires any company performina a federal contract to certify that it intends to provide a drug-free workplace
Americans w Disabilities Act protects workers w disabilities
Family and Medical Leave Act - protects workers w a new born or those w illnesses or illnesses of close family members
Age Discrimination in Employment Act - protects age discrimination
lawful 8(a)5
1. lack of movement
2. stubborn stickiness
3. failure to reach an agreement
4.cancel meeting
5. slowness in responding
1. surface bargaining
2. take it or leave it bargaining
3. failure to sign
4. unilateral change
5. refusal to meet
6. no proposals or counter proposals
7.categorical refusal to discuss something
8. failure to provide info
euphemistic names are given to workers by employers for instance the patients representative at a hospital actually collects bills from the patients therefore representating the hospital not the patient
working poor - horrible conditions, sweatshops still in the US
class divisions based on power