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coordinated sequence of involuntary intermittent uterine contractions
actual birth
four major factors
the four P's
power, passageway, passenger, psyche are interrelated and depend on each other for a safe delivery
uterine contraction
forces acting to expel the fetus
effacement-shortening and thinning of the cervix during the first stage of labor. dilation-enlargement of cervical os and cervical canal during the first stage of labor. pushing efforts of mother during the second stage
the mother's rigid bony pelvis and the soft tissue of the cervix, pelvic floor, vagina, and introitus (external opening to the vagina)
the fetus. membrane and the placenta
a woman's emotional structure that can determine her entire response to labor and influence physiological and physological functioning; the mother may experience anxiety or fear
the relationship of the fetal body parts to one another
normal intrauterine attitude is flexion, in which the fetal back is rounded, the head is forward on the chest, and the arms and legs are folded in against the body. the other attitude, extension tends to present larger fetal diameters
relationship of the spine of the fetus with the spine of the mother. longitudinal or transverse
longitudinal or vertical
fetus spin is parallel to the mother's spine fetus is in cephalic or breech presentation
transverse or horizontal
fetal spine is at a right angle, or perpendicular the mother's spine. presenting part is the shoulder
DELVERY be C-section