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With all due respect or NOT
Put up your dukes
Oh you stubborn ass- as in donkey!
I'm confused or You're confused
The black dress..the red dress..the blue pants.. the pink sweater.. I cant make up mi mind!!
My crystal ball calls for dark skies and a lightening BOLT
Excuuuse Me!
Crabby Gabby
Nose and Higher and You'll be smelling raindrops
The bitch is Back
Can it get nay worse? Why, YES
Liar, Liar, Boots on Fire
Good guys make me smile
Tell me somethin' Good
Eu(good, positive, pleasing)
A "EU" beginning
Man oh Man oh Man
Beautiful and Rich?!
Lovin' Life Livin' HOT
Can't get enough
Wag that index finger a little more, will you?
Kiss my FAT Donkey
SHHHH....... CIA opratives Only
Bring ME a Tissue
I've fallen and I can't get up; tired, lazy, just a littel sleepy or going, going, gone
Who exactly gives a rat's claw?
Just can't change my ways- aka My way or the highway
hard worker working hard
party, fun, friendly and good for you
keeping ir short, cutting it short, or just not talking OR one who shouldn't spill so much SALIVA
boy can you get up on a podium and tell it like it is, sometimes beautifullly
Sitting bt the lake, breathing clean air, and relishing the beautiful
Here on second, gone the next
Ashh, that feels good
thinking of you- and everything else- quite clearly
lots to love and at times, too much everywhere
so you think you're funny?
Choosy and not just about good peanut butter
You say it and sometimes you say it again.. and again... and...
Oh so proper