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which chromosome on a karyotype determines the sex of the individual? what are the chromosomes for a female? what are the chromosomes for a male?
the last chromosomes/ XX/ XY
which chromosomes determine an sutosomal disorder?
the second to last
what is nondisjunction?
when both homologues go into the same daughter cell
what is the effect that nondisjunction can have on a cell?
changes the # of chromosomes in a cell
what are the genetic makeups of the following disorders-Turner Syndrome/ triple X(poly-x)/ klinefelter syndrome(down syndrome) / jacob syndrome/
which chromosomes are the autosomes?
ones numbered 1-22
how can you tell if its a female in a karyotype?
two long strands on the sex chromosomes (same size strands)
how can you tell if its a male in a karyotype?
two different sized strands on the sex chromosomes (one long one short)