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combination of the tastes, aromas, and other sensations caused by the presence of a foreign material in the mouth
are the sensations we detect when a substance comes in contact with taste buds on the tongue
any item added to a dish for flavor, including herbs, spices and vinegars; now also refers to cooked or prepared flavorings such as prepared mustards, relishes, bottles sauces and pickles
herbs and spices
refer to large group of aromatic plants whose leaves, stems, or flowers are used to add flavors to other foods
strongly flavored or aromatic portions of plants used as flavorings or condiments ; usually used in dry form
- any of the larrge group of aromatic plants whose bark, roots, seeds, buds, or berries are used as a flavoring
slightly peppery flavor with hint of cloves *mediterranean dishes
sweet laurel- sweet; slightly peppery flavor; used in sachets to flavor meat and poultry * good flavor- spagetti
onion flavor; snipped for garnish * used in meat, poultry, fish, egg, and potato dishes
horseradish and ginger
chinese cabbage- sharp and tangy flavor *mexican food
best known herb; tangy and clean
evergreen leaves; piney scent *grilled meats especially lamb
strong flavor; similar to sage *meats, poultry, fish
file powder*
canjun dishes
mustard seeds
used for looks
mustard powder
mixed with vinegar to make mustard
cilantro and coriander
come from same plant
pickled berry from Mediterranean basin *red meats, game, or fish
red pepper; HOt
hungarian pepper; very mild, used in garnish; red
chili powder
combination of oregano, cumin, and garlic used in Mexican dishes
strong earthy falvor- used in chilli powder
unopened bud of tropical evergreen tree; strong flavor, used in desserts, meats and preserves
tuber with sweet fiery flavor
seeds sharp and hot; ground, blended with vinegar and tumeric for "ballpark" mustard; cabbage family
berries of plant native to asia; black- picked green and dried; white- ripened and fermeneted; outer skin removed to yield white berry
indian saffron; used primarily for color
fresh herbs storage
kept in fridge at 34 to 40*F
dried herbs and spices storage
airtight, opaque containers in a cool and dry place- avoid light and heat with destroy delicate flavors
dried herbs lasts
2-3 months
dried spices
6-9 months
using herbs in preparing
use less dried than you would fresh herb
spices in preparing
dried- add early for flavor to develop during cooking; ground- release flavor more quickly; whole- take longest
capers stored
in liquid and vinegar and very cool, dark place
curry- SB
blend of black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, corriander, cumin, ginger, mace, and tumeric
bouquet garni- SB
herb blend of parsley stems, carrots, cellery, thyme, and leeks tied together and used to flavor meat stocks
Onion piquet- SB
1/2 onion to which a bay leaf is pinned with 2 whoe cloves
Sachet- SB
peppercorns, bay leaves, parsley stems, thyme, cloves tied together in cheese cloth- used to flavor meat stocks
salt- C
sodium chloride; NaCl; most basic and universal seasoning
kosher salt- C
larger crystals and used in kosherings meats
Oil- C
type of fat that remains liquid and room temp; extracted from oil seads; highly unsaturated
smoke point in frying
temp at which fat begins to breakdown
soy sauce
liquid fermented from cooked soy beans, wheat, and salt
created in US- contains tomateos, sugar, vinegar, salt
olive oil
extracted from fruit; produced in spain, italy, france, greece
pressing of olive oil
extent of processing used to extract the oil
extra- virgin:
first pressing with not more than 1% free acidity
virgin olive oil
first cold pressing of olives and >3% acidity
pure olive oil
processed from pulp after 1st pressing using heat and chemicals
made from the alcohol by fermentation; contains minimum of 5% acetic acid
wine vinegar
wine allowed to ferment; french and med. foods
malt vinegar
malted wheat fermented; used as condiment with fried foods
distilled vinegar
grain alcohol fermented; pickling and preserving
cider vinegar
from apples fermented
balsamic vinegar
red wine vinegar aged from 4-50 years