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All connective tissues consist of:
Cells + ECM
ECM consists of
Fibers + Ground substance
Ground substance consists of:
What are the cells in cartilage?
3 types of cartilage:
What is the pink staining material at the periphery of the hyaline cartilage in a trachea?
What cells are in the perichondrium?
Chondrogenic cells
What do Chondrogenic cells become? How?
Chondroblasts - by enlarging
What do chondroblasts do?
Grow and secrete ECM
What do Chondroblsts become when surrounded by cartilage?
Function of chondrocytes:
Secrete and maintain the ECM of cartilage.
Prominent organelles in chondrocytes:
-rough ER
What the rough ER and golgi secrete:
-Ground substance
What is it called when chondrogenic cells become chondroblasts and make new cartilage?
Appositional - from without
General appearance of hyaline cartilage:
Type of collagen in hyaline cartilage:
Type II
Where are the largest chondrocytes in the trachea ring?
In the center - the oldest
What spaces do chondrocytes occupy?
What are the small clones of cells that chondrocytes in young cartilage create called?
Cell nests
What happens to these cell nests?
The chondrocytes secrete ECM and separate - enlarging the cartilage.
What is it called when cartilage grows from within cell nests?
Interstitial growth
What makes territorial matrix different from interterritorial?
More basophilic due to higher negative charge of more proteoglycans, less collagen
Type of collagen in Hyaline cartilage:
Type II
Type of collagen in Elastic cartilage:
Type II
Type of collagen in Fibrocartilage:
Type I
Why are collagen fibers undistinguishable within the ECM of hyaline and elastic cartilage?
Because Type II collagen fibers are much smaller than type I
What other type of cartilage is elastic cartilage most similar to?
How does elastic cartilage compare to hyaline macroscopically?
Stringier - Heterogenous

Hyaline is homogenous
Where is elastic cartilage in the body?
-External auditory canal
-Eustachian tube
What type of collagen is in fibrocartilage?
Type I
Does fibrocartilage have a perichondrium?
What is unique about the condrocytes in fibrocartilage?
They are surrounded by very little matrix.
What is the macroscopic appearance of fibrocartilage like?
Why is fibrocartilage arranged the way it is?
To resist both compressive and sheer forces and help it act as a shock absorber.
How are the chondrocytes in fibrocartilage arranged?
In parallel rows between layers of collagen bundles.
What type of cartilage covers bone surfaces at synovial joints?
Articular - a subdivision of hyaline
Does articular cartilage have a perichondrium?
What is the purpose of lacking a perichondrium?
To make the surface smoother and allow for low friction gliding of the surfaces that articulate.
Compared to mature cartilage how much cells and matrix is in developing cartilage?
-More cells
-Less matrix