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name this tissues (purple) from LUMEN Resp system
hyaline cartlage
name the dot (
chondroblast chondrocytes
name the space
name this (simple squamous) where?
heart, glands, small intestine's outer layers
slide 4
(larynx) carilage (also purple) - found in nose, bronchus, trachea, larynx, any repiratory structure, rib cage, nose, on edges of bones
where do you find elasic cartilage?
where do you find fibrocartilage
in between vertebrae, verebral discs, knees, meniscus (patella = bone) = cartilage on knee
name this slide
pseudo stratified ciliate columns - dense irregular loose r
slide 16
pseudostrati ciliated (resp system) underneath = hylaine cartilage
slide 10
(udernetah the epithelium) = alveioli = ???????
pseudostratified ciliated columnar (pretties picture)
vascular system slide 10, name tissue lining artery
sipmle squamous
skin syus: name this layer of tissue
dermis (layer) tissues type - keratini strat . layer - stratum corneum. which layer is down here, stratum granulosum. brown cells = melanocytes, middle cytes = keratonocytes wavy tissue = dense irregular . the layer of tissue is dermis.
skin slide 5
skin slide 5
hair follicle & sebaceous gland
skin (slide 9)
sratm corneum. from top down entier purple thing = epidermis, darkest purplse layer = stratum corneum.
lymphoid (slide 13)
lymphoid (slide 10)
(simple columnar, light goblet cell) dep to that is __-
reticular connective tissue (must have all 3 words) clu: part of lymphatic system!!!!!! this will be on the test!
bone system: name these black spots
space is called lacuna, spots are osteocytes
remember there's blood in the middle of bone - it's the compact bone structure
osteocytes, haversian system = 1 circular uit. but all the tree trunks are part of the compact bone
the whole trunk unit (osteon)
haversian system
transitional = stratified - not nice smooth surface that's dome shaped
GI system: slide 7: name the issues type fomr here to surface
epithelium, stratified, to player: nonkeratinized, squamous, name the whole tissue, ST SQ NONKERAT
SLIDE 14 (GI system)
SIPMPLE columnar - goblet, loose connective tissue, reticular (dense)