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If and accident occurs...
...Then report it to the teacher
If there is a lab that uses chemicals that may splash...
...Then wear googles
If the bunsen burner is being used...
...Then start at teachers instruction
If glass breaks...
...Immedetially clean it up with broom and dustpan
If a flame is being used...
...keep flamable objects away
taste is a sense that should always be used
no it could be poisinous
never heat things in a sealed containter
yes it will cause an explosion
add water to acids
no acids to water
hands must be dry if using eleltricity
yes otherwise water+volts+amps+body=1 less mortal in the world.
return liquids to the stock bottle
no because there could be contamination with the dust and air
when using smell...whaff or smell?
eating is ok if you aren't using chemicals
no because there might be some in the room or something else