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What utilizes 2 hormones, what is the name of them and what are the undesired side-effects?
vaginal ring, pill, lunelle, and the "patch" progestin and estrogen; dizziness, nausea, changes in menstruation, mood and weight, CV disease (rare), high BP, clots, heart attack, strokes
How does the "copper T" Cause its contraceptive effect, where is it placed in the female body, and what are its side effects?
placed in uterus, causes cervical mucus to thicken, cramps, bleeding, infertility, perforation of the uterus
What is the effectiveness of the male condom? What substance incorporated in male condoms can cause an undesired side-effect?
89%, latex/allergy
What is a barrier method?
Blocking off access of sperm to egg
What are some examples of IUD's?
intrauterine device copper T
What are some major reasons for birthing in the squatting position?
less extensive perineal reuptures, fewer incidences of prolapse, and better anatomical alignment of the bladder, urethra, uterus, and rectum and anus
What is effected in while lying down and giving birth?
cervical dilation is slowed, rotation and delivery are also felt to be hampered,
What is the average time it takes to push a baby out normally? In the upright position?
2 hours, 1/2 hour
What is produced by the placenta that inhibits pregnancy?
What does the pill contain?
a substance that mimics progesterone that inhibits pregnancy
What happens a few days before birth of the baby that assists the mother in delivery?
energy surge: adrenals kick in and release adrenaline
Endorphins are released 10X above normal attachment and bond
What is the method of contraception where a small tube is inserted under the arm and sutured shut? How often does this occur?
Norplant, occurs every 6 months
What are 2 barrier methods she gave in the lecture?
1. Diaphragm (97-98%) effective
2. Cervical Cap 94-98% effective
When do women get fit for an IUD?
2nd day of period
What are used in conjunction with the diaphragm or cervical cap? What is the percentage that they work? what problems can they cause?
spermacides Nonoxynal 85% at best. Part of vaginal wall eaten away, tissue damage, harmful chemicals throw off hormones.
What are 3 examples of hormonal methods gien in the lecture? Which one is the safest?
1. The pill
2. Norplant
3. Depo pro vera
The pill
What male contraception relies upon surgery and why does this method not lead to a loss of male's masulinity?
vasectomy, because testosterone continues to be produced
What percent of copules in the US are infertile?
40% amle 40%female 15% both
What is the most common cause of infertility in females and why is fertility in sedentary males lower?
ovulatory disorder, or endometriosis, the testes temp remains too high for adequate sperm production
What 3 significant event happen in first stage labor before the baby begins to move down the vaginal canal?
energy level fluctuates, uterus relaes, pulmonary values increase.
what is the effectiveness of the male condoma dn what substance incorproated in some male condoms can cause and undesired side-effect in females?
89%, latex allergy
In what direction is a baby normally looking when its head initially exits the vagina and what important event typically occurs about 15 minutes after the baby is born?
Back of head is uppermost, delivery of the placent/afterbirth