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what are the different Gymnosperms? what should you do to the scientific names?
Sago, Ginkgo, Ephedra, male and female cone slides; capitalize first letter and underline rest of word
what does the Sago look like?
a mini palm tree bush that has branches going in ever direction
what is a palm leaf on a Sago?
a single branch on a Sago
what does the male cone of a Sago look like?
a yellow spikey corn shaped object at the top of the Sago
what does the sago seed look like?
like brown walnut looking structures
what does a Ginkgo look like?
branch with wierd fan shaped leaves on them
what does the ephidra look like?
brown viney structure that also looks like a WIDE broom
what do first year female cone look like?
smaller brown ovals
what do second year female cones look like?
larger brown ovals
what does a mature female cone look like?
a regular pine comb you find in your neighborhood
on a male pine microscope slide which is the pollen grain, air sac and the microsporangium?
air sac is the empty clear part of the pine structure; pollen grain is the darker shaded in circle; the microsporangium is the whole top side of the slide
on a female ovule cone slide what is the female gametophyte, the archegomium and which is the egg?
archegomium is the capsule that encloses the egg; the egg is the darker part inside the archegomium; the female gametophyte is the larger structure surrounding the egg and archegomium