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what are the seedless NONvascular plants?
moss and liverwort
what does a preserved moss specimen look like?
a fuzzy green patch
what does a live moss specimen look like?
red stems with green fuzzy ends
are male and female gametophytes of moss haploid or diploid?
haploid (n)
what is the sporophyte of a moss?
the whole top part that sticks out of a gametophyte
what is the sporangium of a moss?
the top capsule of the moss on the sporophyte
what is the gametophyte of a moss?
the bottom green portion of a moss
what is the male reproductive structure of a moss called and what does it produce?
antheridium, produces sperm
what is the female reproductive structure called and what does it produce?
archegonium, produces eggs
what does a moss antheridium look like on a microscope slide and what does it produce?
like a green pickle shape with white circles inside;sperm
what is the entire green structure on the antheridium slide?
what does a moss archegonium look like on a microscope slide and what does it produce?
blue sperm shaped with white circkes inside;eggs
what group does moss belong to?
seedless nonvascular
what does liverwort look like?
a flat oval base with a spikey-looking flower attached sticking out
do liverworts reproduce by seeds or spores?
do mosses reproduce by seeds or by spores?
are the sporangium in moss and liverworts diploid or haploid?