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What is the purpose of the adjustment system?
Raises and lowers the body tube for focusing on the specimen
What are the objective lenses of a microscope?
1)Low Power...10X...Green
What are parts of the Adjustment system of a microscope?
1)Coarse adjustment
2)Fine adjustment
3)Interpupillary distance knob
Describe the Ocular Lenses of a microscope
Lenses through which the viewer uses to observe the specimen.
What type of cloth should be used to clean a microscope?
Lint-free cloth

The coarse adjustment knob can be used on all objectives.

ONLY on low power objective
What is the quantity and unit of measure of the Unopette system?

20 lambda (uL)
Describe the body tube of the microscope.
tube through which light passes from the objectives to the ocular lenses
When onboard ship, what cleaning and maintenance instructions would be used for operating a microscope?
PMS-Preventive Maintenance

MRC-Maintenance Report Card
What is the fine adjustment used for?
Exact focus on the specimen
What is the minimum and maximum amount of time that the dilution can stand for?

At least 10 min. but no more than 3 hours.
What is the coarse adjustment used for?
Initially focus on specimen
When can alcohol be used to clean a microscope?

The WBC Count is performed to determine how many WBC's in a sample of blood?

Per cubic millimeter
What are the parts of the unopette system?
3)Pipette shield
How long should the specimen of blood be mixed for prior to diluting in the unopette system?

1 minute
What are normal WBC values for adult males and females?

4000 to 11,000 WBC/mm3
Define Leukopenia
Abnormally decreased WBC count
How many times should the dilution of blood and acid in the reservoir be inverted to completely mix the dilution?

10-15 times
What is the Neubauer Hemocytometer used for?
WBC Counting
What is used to clean the objective and ocular lenses?
Lens paper and Lens cleaner
What is the interpupillary distance control knob used for?
To adjust the distance between the eyepieces
The Manual WBC Count is used for what purpose(s)?
1)Monitoring infections
2)Radiation and chemotherapy
3)Following the course of a disease process
4)Indication of leukocytosis/leukopenia
How is the counting chamber loaded?
By touching the tip of the pipette against the edge of the cover slip and the surfaces of the counting chamber (1-1.5 drops)
What is the formula for determining WBC?

(Total #/2) x 110% = #.#mm3
What is the distance between the cover slip and hemocytometer platform?

What is the purpose of placing a piece of dampened tissue in the petri dish?

To keep the hemacytometer from drying out
How do you know you have a properly loaded counting chamber?
A thin, even film of fluid under the cover slip.
Which cells in a square should be counted?
The cells touching the top and on the left
If the difference between the two chambers is greater than what number, does the test need to be repeated?

How long should be given for the cells to settle?

10 minutes
What is the etiology of Leukopenia?
1)Chronic disease/Idiopathic
2)Overwhelming infections
3)Anaphylactic Shock
5)Aplastic anemia
6)Drug induced
7)Bone marrow disease
Define Leukocytosis
Abnormally increased WBC count
What does the acid solution in the Unopette system, do to red blood cells?
Hemolyzes the red cells
What structures of the microscope are found in the illumination system?
1) Light Source
2) Condenser
3) Iris Diaphragm
What are some common causes of Leukocytosis?
1)Systemic or local infection
2)Highly variable
3)Not dianostic
Define "Parafocal" of a microscope
Focusing plane of one objective is the same or very close to other objectives

What are some examples of diseases associated with Leukocytosis?
Define "Resolving Power" of a microscope
1) The useful limit of magnification
2) Ability of the scope to distinguish two objects close to one another
What does the base of a microscope do?
1) structure on which the microscope rests

2) houses power switch, illumination controls, field diaphragm and other various control switches depending on make and model
What microscope structures are found in the framework system?
1) Base
2) Arm
3) Mechanical Stage
Name the four major systems of the microscope
1)Framework System
2)Illumination System
3)Magnification System
4)Adjustment System
What is the purpose of the mechanical stage on a microscope?
1)mechanical platform that supports the specimen being examined and moves the specimen on an X\Y axis

2)specimen holder, consists of spring-loaded clips or calipers, secures the specimen to the stage
What conditions can represent with an increased WBC of 15,000mm3 due to physiological conditions?
3)Severe pain
5)Cold baths
6)Emotional upset
What does the arm of a microscope do?
supports the magnification and adjustment systems
What is the purpose of the revolving nose piece?
1) holds the objective lenses in place
2) turns to change objectives
Name some causes of increase/decreased WBC counts
2)Therapeutic treatments
3)Pregnancy (I)
4)Newborns (I)
5)Severe pain (I)
6)Exercise (I)
7)Cold bath (I)
8)Emotional upset (I)
The most common abnormal or pathological condition for Leukocytosis is?

What parts of the microscope are found in the magnification system?
1)Revolving nose piece
2)Objective Lenses
3)Body Tube
4)Ocular Lenses
What does the light source of a microscope do?
A built-in light source usually a halogen bulb housed in the back end of the base
What is the purpose of the Unopette system?
A method for standardization and dilution of blood and other body fluids for increased safety, accuracy, and precision
What is the purpose of the iris diaphragm?
controls the amount of light reaching the condenser
What is the job of the condenser of a microscope?
1) compact lens system between the light source and the stage

2) concentrates the light and provides a cone of light