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Monos - G
A long speech made by one.
Monarch - N

Monarchial, adj;
Monarchic, adj;
Monarchical, adj;
Monarchy, n
1. A person who rules a kingdom or empire;a king or queen, emperor or empress.

2. A large black and orange american butterfly.
Monogram - n

monogram - v
A design composed of letters, usually the first letter of a name.

Monopolize - v
1. Exculsive control of the trade in some item or service.

2. Sole ownership or control of anything.
Monolith - N

Monolithic - Adj
1. A large block of stone.

2. A large organization that acts as a single unit.
Unus - L
Unanimous - L

unanimity - n;
unanimously - Adv
Being in complete agreement
unilateral - adj - L

unilaterally - adv
One-sided; done by or affecting one person, group, or country, etc. and not another
Duo - L
Duplex - L
duplex - n - L
A dwelling with two living units.
duplicate - v - L

duplicate - adj
duplicate - n
duplicating - adj
to make an identical copy or double of something; to repeat
Bi - L
Bilateral - Adj. - L

1. having two sides

2. made between two persons or groups
bipartisan - adj. - L
Involving two political parties
bisect - v - L

bisection - N
To divide into two equal parts
bicentennial - L, N

bicentennially - Adv
1. A two-hundredth anniversary

2. Happening every 200 years
decathlon - G, N
An athletic contest in which each contestant takes part in ten events
Centum - L
cetigrade - L, Adj
Referring to a thermometer scale of 100 degrees where water freezes at 0* and boils at 100*
Triumvirate - L, N
A group of three, especially in authority
centenary - adj
1. pertaining to a 100 - year period

2. A centennial
Tri - G
tres - L
trilogy - g, n
A group of three literary or musical works that have a related theme.
Trisect - L, V

trisection - n
trisector - n
To divide into three parts
quartus - L
quatuor - L
quadrant - n
1. a quarter of a circle or of its circumference

2. An early machine for measuring altitudes.

3. any of the four parts of an area divided by perpendicular lines.
quartet - n
1. a musical composition for four voices or instruments

2. a set of four, especially of four musicians
quatrain - n
A stanza or group of four lines of poetry
Decem - L
decimate - v

decimation, n
1. to destroy a large part of.

2. to kill one in every ten.