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The average lifetime cost for an individual with AD is estimated at?
174,000 dollars
In which stage do these symptoms occur?
-Trouble remembering recent events and conversations
-May become disoriented in familiar surroundings
-Tendency to lose things
-Difficulty remembering the month or day of the week
The early stage
In which stage do these symptoms occur?
-Repeating questions or statements
-Will progress from needing reminders regarding personal care to needing help bathing, taking medication, brushing teeth, toileting, etc.
-May not recognize family and friends at times
The middle stage
In which stage do these symptoms occur?
-Inability to communicate
-Inability to recognize people, places and objects
-Loses ability to walk
-Muscles may become contracted
-May lose ability to swallow
-Majority of time spent sleeping
The late stage
True or false
Alzheimers is the 8th leading cause of deaths among those over the age of 65.
False. Its the 9th leading cause.
What age does Alzheimer's usually occur?
usually over 65
What is Alzheimer's Disease?
A neurological condition in which the nerve cells in the brain die.
What is Multiple Sclerosis?
A chronic disease in the nervous system that affects your brain and spinal cord (central nervous system).
What age does MS occur?
20-40 years old
MS is an autoimmune disease
TRUE , which means your immune system responds as if part of your body is a foreign substance.
Nationally, how much money does caring for Alzheimer's patients cost?
100 Billion dollars
How many people world wide have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's?
4 million people
What are sypmtoms of MS?
A. Sneezing, trouble breathing, coughing
B. weakness, tingling, or numbness in a part of body
C. Forgetfulness, wandering, loss of feeling in legs
B. weakness, tingling, or numbness in a part of body
The loss myelin is called ____.
A. demyelination
B. brain stem infection
C. external antigen

A brain stem infection is what MS affects, and external antigen are foreign substances to the body.