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Self-directed by means of one’s own rationality, taking complete responsibility for one’s choices.
Following logically without contradiction
In the free will/determination debate, the position that determinism does not out what is meant by free will
In the free will/determinism debate, the position that all things are determined by antecedent conditions. That everything occurs according to some pattern or law.
The inevitable unfolding of events beyond anyone’s control.
Free will:
In the free will/determinism debate the position that at least some humans have a genuine capacity for self-determined choice.
In the free/determinism debate, the position that given that all things are caused, there is no genuine free choice.
To act deliberately; to act with or for a purpose
In the free will/ determinism debate, the position that humans do make genuinely free choices, that humans do have free will.
Physical stuff which exists independent of anyone thinking about it.
In referring to the relationship between events, the claim that certain events , must occur in the sequence in which they present themselves.
An irrational fear such as hydrophobia, which is an irrational fear of water.
Quantum mechanics (physics):
an area of theoretical physics that studies the very small, quanta.
Being held accountable for what one does. To be the author of some event that result from one’s choice.
Theory of determinism:
as used in this episode, the view that all events are caused.
“ Ethics and Moral Responsibility”/ “Is Freedom Real”
Sigmund Freud-
even though he did not espouse a determinist position, some of his followers used his theories to argue that unconscious psychological desires are the real causes of actions that people think they have freely chosen.
Thomas Hobbes –
Compatiblist/ British Materialist
Jean Paul Sartre-
claimed humans are “…. Condemned {determined} to be free, each of us is responsible for the world and ourselves as a way of being
According to Sartre, humans are not only free, but "condemned to be free," condemned to create themselves. What does Sartre mean and do you think he's correct?
Sartre meant that we as a human race have free will. In spite of where we come from we can make the choice to do what’s right or what’s wrong. He also mentions that we have a responsibility to the world to do what is right. I think he is correct because despite were we come from we are given the ability to make choices.
Are you a determinist, libertarian or a compatibalist? How would you defend your
position and/or answer your critics?
I am a libertarian in the sense that I believe we as a human race have free will. Even though life or our world may or may not be predetermined, through each moment of our lives we come to decision points. We are given free will to decide which road we will take. Now through time and our experience the limitations of our free will our put to the test. We as humans have the ability to learn and improve or we can chose to be stagnant in our learning.. That is if we are fully developed with good common sense. As time goes on our sense of development differs from our life experience. The decisions we make as a child are or should be differenct from the decisions we make as an adult.
Do you find the compatibalist's view of freedom adequate for ascribing responsibility, or is this position too close to determinism?
I would say the position is too close to determinism. Reason being it still claims that our free will is still predetermined to a certain extent. And if that was the case we could put the human race on a chart. And say person a will live out this life. The human race is so complex that to make an assumption that free will does not exist is insane. There are to many variable and happenings that go on within our souls to state that free will does not exist.