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Readily open to chanbe, unstable
Labile (adj)
Causing tears, tearful, showing sorrow
Lachrymose (adj)
Using few words; terse
Laconic (adj)
Listlelssness, langour, weariness
Lassitude (n)
To praise highly
Laud (v)
Someone unrestrained by morality or convention or leading a dissolute life
Libertine (n)
To draw, outline in detail
Limn (v)
Transparent, serene, clear and simple in style, untroubled
Limpid (adj)
To tilt or lean to one side
List (v)
Extremely talkative
Loquacious (adj)
Intelligible, sound, clear
Lucid (adj)
To move heavily and clumsily or with a rumbling sound
Lumber (v)
Characterized by brightness and the emission of light, enlightened, clear
Luminous (adj)