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Monkeys Gone Mad
Fried whole banana topped with vanilla ice cream, drizzeled with chocolate and Almond Sprinkles
Green Tea Rendezvous
Our Chef's SPecial Recipe of Green tea Tiramisu paired with a scoop of green tea ice cream
Warm Chocolate Dome
Warm Moist Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream
Apple Harumaki
Apple Cinnamon egg roll with vanilla ice cream
Tokyo Chocolate
alternat layers of chocolate cream sponge cake and curacao cream topped with chocolate
Love Raspberry Mousse
a rich raspberry mousse in striped biscuit with mango and raspberry sauce
Ice Cream
Green tea, vanilla, plum

Kubo's Original Sorbet
After Dinner Drinks
Bailey's Coffee
Irish Coffee
Sherry Wine
Port Wine
Grand Marnier
Hennessy VSOP
Hennessy XO