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Neutrality Proclamation
The international principles stating that nonbelligerents should be able to in wartime what they did in peacetime. US adminstrations have appealed to claims of neutrality to protect US commerce during times of war in Europe.
The French Revolution
Uprising in France began in 1789 as an attempt to reform the govt, but became a radical effort to achieve social justice. Americans were divided in terms of sympathy for the French.
The 5 Civilized Tribes of SE
The Cherokees, Chickasaw, Choctaws, Creeks, & Seminole Indians.
John Adams
Federalist elected to the presidency in 1802 after Washington.
Whiskey Rebellion
Uprising of W Pennsylvania farmers to protest Hamilton's excise taxes. The 1794 rebellion posed no threat to the safety of the federal government but offered the government an opporunity to show its determination to enforce its laws, even in remote western districts.
The British policy of forcibly drafting subjects employed on US ships to serve in the British navy. It sometimes resulted in the impressment of US seamen & was a cuase of the war between the US & Britain in 1812.
George Washington
Widely supported first president of the US, elected in 1789 backed by a unanimous vote of the Electoral College. Won a second term in 1792.
A person who is both black & white.
John Jay
Chief justice sent to England in 1795, by the president to negotiate a treaty & adress the problems of British forts & US trade.
Citizen Edmund Genet
Minister from the French republic to the US who attempted to involve the US in the European war on France's side.
XYZ Affair
Incident in which 3 French comissioners demanded a bribe in exchange for the oppportunity to negotiate an accord btw France & the US. It provoked outcries for war in the US.
The Lancaster Turnpike
A 62-mile road constructed to connect Philadelphia's to its backcountry. Privately financed by stockholders, it yielded them profits & furthered settlement of the W part of the Mid-Atlantic region.
A process by which owners released selected people from bondage.
The Alien & Sedition Acts
Act passed in 1798. The Alien Act authorized the president to expel foreigners from the US w/o due process of the law. The Sedition Acts made opposition to the govt either by action or by speech illegal. They were aimed at quieting Republican opposition to Federalist policies.
Pinckey Treaty
Thomas Pinckney's treaty w/ Spain aka Treaty of San Lorenzo, gained Spanish recognition of US boundaries, free navigation of the MS River w/ the right of deposit in New Orleans & trade concessions.
*The Judiciary Act of 1789*
Est a national, federal court system that included a Supreme Court & the office of the attorney general, charged w/ enforcing the nation's laws.
Alexander Hamilton
The 1st secreatary of treasury under Washington & the leader of the Federalist party who urged a centralized govt to promote economic development.
Quasi War
Officially undeclared war btw the US & French navies in 1798.
Eli Whitney
The northerner who invented the cotton gin in 1793, thereby revolutionzing the southern economy & giving slavery a new life in the south.
Formed societies in the early 1790s to safeguard the rights of people, oppose Hamilton's financial program & support the French Revolution.
The Orders in Council
Passed by England in 1806, the Orders specified that any country that wanted to ship good to France must first send them to a Britain port and pay taxes on them.
Andrew Jackson
Leader of the Tennesee militia who recieved comissioner as a major general & given the mission to retaliate against the Creek Indians.
*Tecumseh & Tenskwatawa*
Shawnee leaders who ugred Indian nationalism & resistance to white expansion & led to a confederation of NW Indians against whites in 1811.
The Convention of 1818
Along w/ the Rush-Bagot Treaty of 1817, this treaty w/ Britain set the US-Canadian border at the 49th parallel & provided that the two countries would jointly occupy Oregon territory for 10 years.
Horseshoe Bend
Place of a climactic battle of 1814 btw the Creek Red Sticks & whites led by Andrew Jackson which broke Indian resistance to white settlement in the Old SW.
Battle of Tippecanoe
Battle on Tippecanoe River where several 100s of Shawnees led by Tenskwatawa attacked the camp of Henry Harrison's forces who were advancing on Prophet's Town in 1811. Indian's suffered a great defeat & the town was burned to the ground.
The Lousiana Purchase
Territorial acqusition of 1803 which doubled the size of the US & opened the way for US expansion to the Pacific coast.
The Treaty of Ghent
Treaty of 1814 that ended the War of 1812 & returned things back to the way they were before the war.