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유력 (有力)
powerful, potent, influential, effective, leading, prominent [have + power]
이민 (移民)
emigration(출국), immigration(입국), settlement [moving + the people]
최저 (最低)
the lowest [the most + low]
임금 (賃金)
wages, pay [wage + money]
minimum wage [the most + low + wage + money]
경질 (更迭)
a change, a switch, a reshuffle, a shake-up [transform + alternate]
장악 (掌握)
hold, grasp, seizure, command [control + grasp]
실망 (失望)
disappointment, despair, letdown [lose + hope]
당수 (黨首)
the leader[chief, president, head] of a political party, a party's chief, a party leader. [party + head]
책임 (責任)
responsibility, liability, obligation, duty [responsible + entrust]
후회 (後悔)
repentance, (a) regret, penitence, remorse, contrition, compunction [after + repent]
직면 (直面)
face (up to), confront, be confronted with[by], be faced with, come [direct + face]
도덕 (道德)
morality, morals [docrtrine/the way + virtue]
대처 (對處)
cope with, deal with [oppose + manage]
대처 (大處)
a city or town [big + place]
대처하다 (帶妻)
to marry, to take a wife [belt? + wife]
인정 (認定)
recognize, acknowledgment, approval, authorization, [consent + settle]
put up, stand, support, make[have] ((a person)) stand for, make[let, have] ((a person)) represent.[korean]
당선 (當選)
election, return, winning [political party + elected]
조짐 (兆朕)
symptoms, signs, indications, an omen, a foreboding, a presage, a premonition [omen + omen]
결정 (決定)
decision, determination, conclusion, settlement(해결) [result + decide]
중점 (重點)
an important point, [강조] emphasis, stress, [중요] importance [heavy + point]
the positive [positive + pole]
사찰 (査察)
(an) inspection, investigation [inspect + observe]
사찰 (私札)
a private letter [private + document]
활동 (活動)
activity, action, operations [lively + move]
판단 (判斷)
judgment, adjudication, decision(단정), conclusion(결론), inference(추론), estimation [judge + stop]
인해 (人海)
a sea of people [person + sea]
상태 [狀態]
state, a condition, [모양] an appearance, [국면] a situation [situation + situation]
최종 [最終]
the last, the end [the most + end]
고성능 [高性能]
high effectiveness(efficiency) [high + characteristic + possible]
NPT [nuclear + confirm + produce + prohibit + treaty + promise]
가능성 [可能性]
possibility, likelihood, chances, potentialities, a capacity (for improvement).[alright + possible + characteristic]
until[up to] now[the present], to this time, till now, up[down] to date, so far, hitherto.
예정 (豫定)
a program, a plan, a schedule [beforehand + decide]
2 days
내각 (內閣)
cabinet, ministry, the government, the administration [inside + govt. cabinet]
개편 (改編)
reorganization, modification, change [amend + edit]
속출 (續出)
successive[frequent] occurrence, a succession[series] (of events) [continue + appear]
교체 (交替)
replacement, substitution, a change, shifting [exchange + replace]
시체 (屍體)
a dead body, a body, a corpse, one's remains, (俗) a stiff, a carcass [dead + body]
측근 (側近)
the side, around (a person) [side + near]
의견 (意見)
an opinion, a view, an idea, a suggestion [meaning + opinion]
자격 (資格)
qualification(s), requirement(s), [능력] competence, capability [property + rules]
불충분 (不充分)
insufficiency, imperfection, [부적당] inadequacy [not + full + divide]
소속 (所屬)
one's position [post, place]. [place + belong to]
충성 (忠誠)
loyalty, fidelity, fealty, allegiance, devotion, integrity, sincerity [loyal + sincere]
the waist, the small of the back, the loin, the hip, the haunch(짐승의), the pelvic region
허리를 굽히다
to bend the body, stoop (down), bend down[over], bend oneself, bow
찬 (讚)
praise(s), a eulogy, a legend, a panegyric [praise]
정오 (正午)
noon, high noon, midday [straight + noon]
정오 (正誤)
correction[rectification] of errors [straight + mistake]
합동 (合同)
combination, union, amalgamation, incorporation, merger, fusion, coalition [unite + together]
기습 (奇襲)
surprise (attack), a sudden[sneak] attack, a blitz attack, [mysterious + surprise attack]
기습 (奇習)
a strange custom [strange + practice]
spread, unfold, stretch
용의자 (容疑者)
suspect, suspected person, a person under suspicion [face + doubt + person]
완료 (完了)
completion, conclusion [finish + completed]
분리 (分離)
separation, secession, disunion, severance, disjunction, division, split [divide + leave]
확충 (擴充)
expansion, an amplification, generalization, distribution [enlarge + full]
감안 (勘案)
consideration, (참작) allowance(s). [investigate + plan]
완전 (完全)
perfection, completeness, wholeness, integrity [complete + exclusive]
유리 (有利)
profitable, lucrative, gainful, remunerative, paying [have + benefit]
stream, flow, run, course, trickle(졸졸), ooze(스며 나오다), drain(배수되다), [양초의 촛물이] run, gutter.
검찰 (檢察)
criminal investigation, prosecution, investigation and prosecution [examine + investigate]
집단 (集團)
a group, a mass [gather + group]
학살 (虐殺)
slaughter, carnage, massacre [cruel + kill]
자료 (資料)
data, materials [property + material]
농지 (農地)
farm land [agriculture + land]
서명 (署名)
signature [arrange + name]
서명 (書名)
the title of a book [book + name]
명령 [命令]
an order, a command, an injunction, a fiat, dictation, instructions, an imperative, an edict, a mandate, a directive, bidding [command + honor]
빙하 (氷河)
glacier [ice + river]
지대 (地代)
land, ground [earth + substitute]
지대 (至大) 하다
하다  the greatest possible ((responsibility)), vast, enormous, immense, very great
민간 (民間)
private, nonofficial, nongovernmental, civilian, civil, nonmilitrary [the people + between]
체결 (締結)
conclusion [join + results]
향후 (向後)
after this, from now on, hereafter, henceforth, henceforward [to face + afterward]
연료 (燃料)
fuel [ burn + material]
방문 (訪問)
interview, visit, call, official notice, government proclamation [visit + ask]
기술 (技術)
an art, technique, skill, technical knowhow [skill + skill]
제공 (提供)
an offer [suggest + provide]
전력생산 (電力生産)
electric power production [electricity + power + live + produce]
동맹국 (同盟國)
ally, an allied power[country], a confederate, a confederacy [same + alliance + country]
긴장 (緊張)
strain, tension [urgent + extend]
저명 (著名)
prominence, eminence, distinction, celebrity [manifest + name]
교계 (交契)
friendship, intimate acquaintance, friendly relations [exchange + lineage]
가문 (家門)
one's family (clan) [family + door]
가문 (家紋)
a family crest[insignia, emblem], a coat (of arms), family arms. [family + stripes]
타국 (他國)
foreign country, a strange land [other + country]
작성 (作成)
framing, drawing up, preparation. writing out a document, preparing (a deed) [make + making]
UN 지원사무소(支援事務所)
UN Assistance Mission [sustain + help + business + duty + place]
총상 (銃傷)
a gunshot wound [gun + wound]
인권문제에 대한 보고서를
a report concerning the human rights problem
바그다드에서만 4,985명이 사망했다
4895 died in Baghdad alone
종파 (宗派)
a religious sect, denomination [religion + wave]
분쟁 (分爭)
factional rivalry[feud, dissensions, conflict], party strife [divide + fighting]
분쟁 (紛爭)
a dispute[trouble, strife], tangle, controversy.[disorderly + fighting]
수니파-시아파간 분쟁과
conflict between Sunnis and Shi'ites
Sunni Muslims [branch]