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집회 (集會)
meeting, gathering, assembly, congregation [gathering + meeting]
허가 (許可)
permission, approval, sanction, give leave [permit + all right]
취소 (取消)
cancellation, retraction, withdrawal, repeal [choose + disappear]
저지 (沮止)
obstruction, hindrance, impediment, a check, blocking [prevent + stop]
무효 (無效)
invalidity, nullity, unavailability [not + effect]
변호 (辯護)
defense, exculpation, vindication, justification, explanation [eloquent + protect]
무고 (無辜)
innocence [not + sin]
무고 (誣告)
a false accusation (charge), a malicious prosecution, a libel [slander + accuse]
시민 (市民)
citizen [city + people]
고문 (拷問)
torture [beat + ask]
혐의 (嫌疑)
suspicion [suspicion + doubt]
살해 [殺害]
killing, [살인] a murder (case), homicide, kill, put to death, slay, slaughter, assassinate [kill + harm]
기소 (起訴)
prosecution, indictment, accusation, litigation, legal proceedings [begin + accusastion]
피고인 [被告人]
the defendant, the accused [forced + accused + person]
정의 [定義]
a definition [decide + justice/meaning]
정의 [正義]
justice, right, righteousness [straight + meaning/meaning]
조롱 [嘲弄]
mockery, ridicule, derision, raillery, scoffing, jeering [mock + play with]
법원 [法院]
a court of law [law + institute ]
교수형 [絞首刑]
death[execution] by hanging, hanging, [ +head + punishment]
금고 (禁錮)
imprisonment, incarceration, confinement [prohibit + imprison]
불충분 [不充分]
insufficiency, imperfection [not + enough + divided]
중간 (中間)
the middle, midway [middle + interval]
선거 (選擧)
an election [choose + elect]
선거인 (選擧人)
elector, voter [choose + elect + person]
유리 (有利)
profitable, lucrative, gainful, remunerative, paying [have + benefit
time, the times, season [time + period]
공정 (公定)
official regulation, government control [official + decide]
공정 (公正)
justice, fairness, rectitude, [공평] equity, impartiality [official + straight]
begin, start, originate
승리 [勝利]
victory, (a) triumph, (a) conquest, (a) success, a win [win + benefit]
재판 (裁判)
justice, a trial, a hearing, judgment, decision. [judge + judge]\
판사 (判事)
judge, a justice [judge + business]
자주적 (自主的)
independent [self + main + (adjective)]
성명 (聲明)
a (public) declaration, a statement, announcement [voice + clear]
암살 (暗殺)
assassination [secret + kill]
보복 [報復]
retaliation, (a) reprisal, retorsion, retortion, requital, (a) revenge, [respond + recover]
정권 [政權]
political[administrative] power. [politics + authority]
정당 [正當]
just ((cause)), justifiable ((grounds)), warrantable ((measure)), right, rightful [straight + suitable]
정당 [政黨]
a political party. [politics + political party]
mobilize(an army) [move + members]
방위 [防衛]
defense, safeguard, protection [defend + guard]
to lead, to command an army, to be at the head of
mutual agreement, [united + meaning]
합의 (合議)
consultation, conference, counsel [unite + discuss]
농축 (濃縮)
enrichment, graduation, concentration [concentrate + shrink]
합작 (合作)
collaberation, coauthorship [united + do/make]
언론 (言論)
speech, discussion, views [talk + discuss]
재개 (再開)
reopening, resumption [again + open]
제안 (提案)
proposition, a proposal, an offer, a suggestion, an overture, a tender, [proposal + plan]
원자력 (原子力)
atomic energy, nuclear power [original + thing + power]
발전소 (發電所)
power plant station, power house. [shoot + electricity + place]
건설 (建設)
construction, erection, building, [창설] foundation ((of an empire)), [설립] establishment.[ build + establish]
동석 (同席)
sitting with (at the same table) [same + seat]
영토 (領土)
(a) territory, (a) dominion, (a) domain, (a) possession, soil [receive + land]
경우 (境遇)
an occasion, a time, a moment, juncture, circumstances, situation [situation + run into]
자국 [自國]
one's (own) country, [고국] one's native land, one's home [self + country]
피해 [被害]
damage, casualties, injury, harm [suffer + harm]
관광 [觀光]
sightseeing [view + bright]
상품 [商品]
goods, commodities, [commerce + products]
tourist shops [view + bright + commerce + product + sell + sell + place]
사악 [邪惡]
evil, wickedness, viciousness [evil + evil]
정교회 [正敎會]
the Greek[Eastern] Orthodox Church.[straight + religion + gathering]
Easter [ ? + live + festival]
익명 [匿名]
anonymity[? + name]
요구 [要求]
requirement [need + seek]
관련 (關聯∙關連)
connection, relation, reference, correlation, association [concerned with + related]
담화 (談話)
talk, (a) conversation, [talk + talk]
수호 (修好)
amity, friendship, friendly relations. [decorate/fix + good]
수호 (守護)
protection, guard, safeguard, defense. [guard + protect]
a definite promise, a pledge, an oath, an assurance, vouching.
식민 [植民]
colonization, settlement. [plant + people]
통치 [統治]
rule, reign, government, administration [unite + govern]
식민 통치[植民統治]
colonial rule [colonization + rule]
부인 [否認]
denial [deny + admit]
의지 [依支]
leaning, support [depend on + support]
의지 [意志]
will, volition [intention + will]
물리적 [物理的]
physical [object + reason + (adjective)]
도발 [挑發]
provocation [incite + shoot]
강경 [强硬]
firmness, resoluteness, stubbornness, steadfastedness [strong + inflexible]
대응 [對應]
confrontation, facing eachother, opposition [opposite + respond]
비용 [費用]
expense, expenditure, cost [fee + use]
희생 [犧牲]
a sacrifice [sacrifice + maturity]
타협 [妥協]
compromise, agreement, understanding [secure + agree]
최고조 [最高潮]
high-water mark, zenith, peak, climax [most + high + tide]
반도 [半島]
peninsula [half + island]
감정 (感情)
feeling(s), emotion(정서), sentiment [feeling + feeling]
root, origin, cause
뿌리깊은 감정
deep-rooted bitterness
불리 [不利]
disadvantage, a handicap, a crab [not + advantage]
정계 (政界)
the world of politics, the political world[arena], political circles [politics + world]
변화 (變化)
a change, variation, alteration [change + change]
불가피 (不可避)
inevitableness, unavoidability [not + alright + avoid]
압승 (壓勝)
an overwhelming victory [pressure + win]
충격 (衝擊)
an impact, a shock, an impulse, percussion, [rush into + attack]
패배 (敗北)
defeat, loss, reverse [lose + compare]
meet with, encounter ((a difficulty)), come upon[across], light[fall] on[upon], suffer ((a calamity)), experience, receive, sustain, incur ((a loss)), be exposed to ((risk)), be subjected to [suitable/ought to]
to be sensible, to be reasonable [suitable + 하다]
의장 (議長)
the president, the chairman, the Speaker [discuss + superior]