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정규 (正規)
formality, regularity [straight + rule]
to be joyful, delightful, happy, pleasant, gratifying, glad.
기도 (企圖)
plan, a project, a design, a scheme [hope + map]
기도 (祈禱)
(a) prayer, devotions, a supplication, an invocation [pray + pray]
권고 (勸告)
(a piece of) advice, counsel, an advisory opinion, recommendation, exhortation [encourage + enform]
권고 (眷顧)
favor, patronage [care for + consider]
저소득층 (低所得層)
the low-income bracket [low + place + need + tier]
자녀 (子女)
sons and daughters, children [son + female]
쇠퇴 (衰退)
atrophy, degeneration [decline + retreat]
경쟁 (競爭)
competition, a contest, rivalry, emulation, a race [compete + fight]
경고 (警告)
a warning, a caveat, a caution [warning + tell]
고통 (苦痛)
pain, anguish, suffering, agony [suffering+ pain]
straighten, make straight[right], set up again, train
추모 (追慕)
cherish[respect] ((a person's)) memory, look back upon the memory of ((a deceased person)) with respect and affection [follow + yearn for]
행사 (行事)
an event, a function [go/act + business]
무차별 (無差別)
indiscriminate [no + difference + special]
총격 (銃擊)
rifle attacking, gundown, shooting [gun+ attack]
be spirited[animated, rising, energetic[suddenly + suddenly]
발발 (勃發)
outbreak, outburst, sudden occurrence [suddenly + occur]
축출 (逐出)
expulsion, eviction, dismissal, ejection, ousting [gradually + appear]
장관 (長官)
a minister (of state), a State[Cabinet] minister, a head[chief] (official), a director, a president, an administrator, a governor[superior + official]
장관 (將官)
a general (officer), [해군] a flag officer, an admiral[military officer + official]]
시도 (試圖)
a trial, a try, an attempt, an endeavor, a tryout, a venture, an experiment [try + diagram/map]
시도 (視度)
visibility [looking at + degree]
시도 (示度)
a reading, indication, the registered[recorded] degrees.[show + degree]
충분히 (充分−)
enough, sufficiently, fairly, fully, thoroughly, to the full, [full + divide/share]
자신 (自身)
one's self [self + body]
자신 (自信)
self-confidence [self+ believe]
death, decease, departure
unexpected, sudden, abrupt
중단 (中斷)
interruption, discontinuance, suspension, a break [middle + stop]
완성 (完成)
completion, perfection, accomplishment, consummation, finish.[complete + completed/making]
작곡 (作曲)
musical composition[setting].~하다  write music, compose [do + song]
작사 (作詞)
lyric making, writing songs, lyric lines [do + words]
타격 (打擊)
a blow, a hit, a knock, [hit + attack]
성적 (成績)
a result, a showing, a record, merit, score [to make/to complete + result]
성적 (性的)
sexual [sex + (adjective ending)]
성적 (聖蹟)
a sacred holy place with historic associations [holy+ trace]
개성 (個性)
individuality, personality, idiosyncracy, individual character, subjectivity [individual+ nature]
개성 (改姓)
change of one's family name [amend + name]
개성 (開城)
surrender (of a fortress), capitulation, evacuation. [open+ castle]
공단 (公團)
a public corporation [public + group]
정상 (正常/定常)
normalcy, normality [straight + usual]
정상 (呈上)
presentation. ~하다 to present someone with something
우주선 (宇宙船)
a manned space vehicle, space ship [space+ ship]
무사 (無事)
safety, security [not+ business]
무사 (無私)
selflessness, unselfishness, impartiality [not +personal]
귀환 (歸還)
a return home [return + return]
착륙 (着陸)
a landing, touchdown [arrive + land]
to get into, to get on board, to get on a plane [ride + ride]
탑승객 (塔乘客)
passenger, rider, customer (on a ship, boat, etc) [ride + customer]
비행사 (飛行士)
an airman, an aviator, a flier, a flyer, a pilot. [fly + go + expert]
궤도 (軌道)
a track, a railway, an orbit [road/path + way]
궤도에 진입한 후
after entering orbit
부대 (部隊)
a (military) unit [section + army]
어뢰 (魚雷)
a torpedo [fish + thunder]
간섭 (干涉)
interference [shield + entangle]
집속탄을 장착하다
to carry cluster warheads [case(?) + bundle(?) + bullet]
unarmed (missile) [not + packed + attached]
접객원 [接客員]
receptionist [welcome + customer + worker]
to stop in, to lodge at, to stay at (a hotel, an inn, etc)
폭우 [暴雨]
heavy rain, torrential rain, downpour [sudden + rain]
야기 [惹起]
bring about[on], create, cause, occasion, provoke, induce, give rise[provoke + begin]
수리 (修理)
repair(s), mending, reconditioning [repair + manage]
군대 (軍隊)
the armed forces, the military [military + army]
to get, have, obtain
시절 (時節)
the season, the time (of the year) [time + season]
a part, a portion
to make something larger or bigger, enlarge, magnify, to bring up, to raise, to nourish
설득 (說得)
persuasion, talk someone into something [explain + need]
be filled, be put in, hold, be served[helped], be dished up[out], be filled,
이송 (移送)
transportation, transfer, removal. [moving + send]
to be in charge, [carry/sustain + suitable/correct]
시인 (是認)
approval, approbation, admission [to be + consent]
시인 (詩人)
poet [poetry + person]
요원 (要員)
the necessary personnel [need + worker]
수용소 (收容所)
an internment camp, (Gitmo) [collect + permit + place]
감옥 (監獄)
prison, a cell [supervise + jail]
승인 (承認)
approval, an OK, consent, agreement [accept + consent]
회부 (回附)
transmission, committal, commitment, reference, submission [return + attach]
합류 (合流)
confluence, conflux, join, flow, run together [unite + stream]
순교 (殉敎)
martyrdom [die for a cause + teaching]
임무 (任務)
a duty, an office, a task, a part, a function, a mission [entrust+ affairs]
수행 (修行)
training, study [cultivate + act]
수행 (隨行)
attendance (on a jury) [follow + act/go]
소식 (消息)
news, tidings, word, [정보] information, intelligence [disperse + news]
소식 (小食)
a small appetite [small + food]
야단 (惹端)
uproar, a clamor, a hubbub, a tumult, a din, a racket [provoke + cause]
대접 (待接)
treatment, reception, service, [환대] welcome, entertainment, hospitality [wait + welcome]
전환 (轉換)
a switch, a turn, a turnabout, a conversion [transfer + exchange]
operation, management, administration, conduct. [transport + manage]
점수 (點數)
point, mark, score, level [point + number]
유권자 (有權者)
the holder of a right, a qualified person, [선거의] an elector, a voter, an eligible voter, a franchiseholder, the electorate [have + rights + person]
유세 (遊說)
canvassing [an electioneering, a speaking] tour, an oratorical[a platform] campaign, [outing + explain]
보좌 (補佐)
aid, assistance [supplement + assist]
보좌관 (補佐官)
aid, advisor, assistant [supplement + assist + official]
주제 (主題)
the subject (matter), the theme. [main + subject]
case, occasion, place, spot, point, distinction
과정 (過程)
(a) process, a course, a stage, a period