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안착 (安着)
a safe arrival [safe + arrive]
외곽 (外廓)
an outer wall [outside + wall]
환호 (歡呼)
a cheer, an ovation [cheerful + call]
측 (側)
the side
SWAT team
특수 (特殊/需)
emergency demands[orders] (due to the outbreak of a war)
분배 (分配)
division, split, sharing, distribution, allocation [divide + distribute]
투명 (透明)
transparency [transparent + clear]
수해 (水害)
flood damage [water + harm]
식량 (食糧)
food, foodstuffs, provisions, ration [food + grain]
식량 (食量)
one's eating capacity [food + amount]
지원 (支援)
support, backing, aid [sustain + help]
용의 (用意)
preparation(s), readiness, preparedness [use + intentions]
면담 (面談)
an interview [face + converse]
USAID [international + develop + office]
개발 (開發)
development, exploitation, exploration, colonization [begin + rise]
보장 (保障)
guarantee, security [protect + obstacle]
상황 (狀況)
the state of affairs, circumstances [shape + situation]
affable, amiable, suave, openhearted, good-humored, sociable, jolly, chatty,
수준 (水準)
water level, a level, a standard [water + standard]
to follow, to come in pursuit
제재 (制裁)
sanction(s), punishment, discipline [suppress + cut out]
결의안 (決議案)
a (draft) resolution [decide + discuss + document]
전격 (電擊)
an electric shock, a lightning attack, a blitz [electricity + attack]
실시 (實施)
enforcement, operation, execution, implementation [genuine + apply]
강력 (强力)
great physical strength, power, might [strong + strength]
골자 (骨子)
the essential part, the main point(s), the gist, [head + thing]
초안 (草案)
a (rough) draft. [grass + plan]
열람 (閱覽)
perusal, reading [read + read]
make ((a person do)), cause ((a person to do)), force[compel] ((a person to do)), induce ((a person to do))
to protect, to obey, to keep one's word, to adhere to one's principles
충돌 (衝突)
collision, a clash, a bump, an impact [collide + collide]
거주자 (居住者)
resident, inhabitant, dweller [dwell + stay + person]
다행 (多幸)
good fortune, good luck [many + fortune]
발견 (發見)
discovery, revelation, detection [rise + see]
just like, exactly like, as…as, as though
연료 (燃料)
fuel [ burn + material]
조난신호 (遭難信號)
distress signal, an SOS [suffer + difficult + believe+ name/number]
자유의 여신상 (自由의女身像)
Statue of Liberty [self + cause + 's + female + body + statue]
채택 (採擇)
choice, selection, option [select + choose]
해결 (解決)
solution, settlement, fixing (up), resolution. [solve + decide]
표명 (表明)
expression, demonstration, manifestation [manifest + clear]
주재 (駐在)
residence, stay [temporary + to be located]
유엔 주재 미국 대사
US representative to the UN [UN + reside+ to be located + beautiful +country + great + messenger]
be obstructed, be struck, be stuck
finish, set[be] through with, get quit of, make an end of, settle, conclude, bring to a close
무리 (無理)
unreasonableness [not + manage/principle]
현재 [現在]
now, the present time, presently [now + to be located]
심사숙고 [深思熟考]
consideration, deliberation, deep thought [deep + consider + experience + examine]
종착역 [終着驛]
a terminal station, the last stop [final + arrive + station]
종식 [終熄]
cessation, an end [final + extinguish]
불안정 (不安定)
lack of stability, instability, [not + peace + decide]
상거래 (商去來)
a commercial transaction [business + go + come]
건설 (建設)
construction, erection, building, establishment, lay out, found [establish + explain]
정교 (政敎)
religion and politics, Church and State, the temporal and spiritual powers [govern + religion]
정교 (精巧)
elaborateness, exquisiteness, delicacy [essential + clever]
착취 (搾取)
expression, extraction, squeeze, express, extract, press [extract + choose]
fall[get] into, run into, be led[thrown, involved] into, slide
add[attach, stick] ((one thing to another)), join[fix] ((one on top of another)), annex, append, affix, supplement.
긍정적 (肯定的)
affirmative [agree + decide + (adjective)]
추락 (秋落)
poorer-than-expected rice-crop due to adverse factors [autumn + omit]
추락 (墜落)
a fall, an accidental fall, (a) precipitation, a crash, [crash + fall]
억압 (抑壓)
a check, (a) restraint, (an) oppression, (a) suppression, (a) repression [restrain + pressure]
be[get] connected, be joined[linked] together.
확산 (擴散)
proliferation, spreading, dissemination [enlarge + disperse]
보유 (保有)
possession, retention, maintenance[protect + have]
핵 보유국 (核保有國)
a nuclear power [nuclear + protect + have + country]
핵무기 (核武器)
a nuclear weapon [nuclear + military + utensil]
단기간 (短期間)
a short period of time [short + period + interval]
혹 (或)
possibly, perhaps, maybe, by any chance, by some chance [possible]
extend, lengthen, stretch, grow longer, expand
시기 (時機)
an opportunity, a chance, time, season, [time + opportunity]
방지 (防止)
prevention, check, [defend + stop]
제도 (制度)
a system, an institution, [govern + degree]
제도 (製圖)
drawing, drafting, cartography [make + map]
제도 (諸島)
a group of islands, an archipelago [all + island]
개막 (開幕)
the raising of the curtain, the commencement of performance,[open + curtain]
연설 (演說)
a (public) speech, an address, an oration, a lecture[perform + explain]
근본 (根本)
the root, the source, the origin, the fountainhead [root + original]
급변 (急變)
a sudden change, an unforeseen event [urgent + change]
outcome, victory or defeat [win + lose]
촉발 (觸發)
detonation by contact, contact detonation [stimulate + rise]
제기 (提起)
institution, lodging, submit to the court [suggest + begin]
부지 (敷地)
a (building) site, a plot, a lot. [apply + place]
부지 (不知)
ignorance [not + know]
구조 (構造)
structure, (a) construction, (a) make, makeup, fabrication, setup, frame, framework [compose + make]
조립 (組立)
constructing, fabrication, making, framing, assembly [group + establish]
위성 (衛星)
satellite, moon [guard + star]
가정 (假定)
a supposition, a assumption, a postulate, a hypothesis, 가정하다  suppose, assume, presume, take it for granted that, a home. [temporary + settle]
비이성적이지 않다
it would not be unreasonable
unreasonable [not + manage + ~able]
발언 (發言)
utterance, speaking, (a) speech, an observation [shoot + speak]
여러번 (−番)
several times, many times, many a time, (very) often, frequently,
관측 (觀測)
observation, a survey [view + measure]
청소 (淸掃)
cleaning, [비질] sweeping, [걸레질] dusting [clean+ broom]
경로 (經路)
course, a route, a channel, a path [passing through + road]
경로 (敬老)
respect for the elderly [respect + old]
정규 (定規)
fixed regulations [fix + regulation]