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medullary lytic lesion with circumferential layer of reactive bone
this is "onion skin" pattern seen in Ewing's sarcoma
sunburst pattern in distal femur
a tumor probably very rich in prostaglandins
osteoid osteoma
pain is worse at night and after drinking but responds to aspirin
osteoid osteoma
very rapidly expanding lesion with dilated vascular channels and granulation tissue
aneurysmal bone cyst
lesion with lucent "ground glass" appearance on XR and haphazardly arranged bone trabeculae
fibrous dysplasia (all woven bone with spindle cells and fibrous background)
irregularly thickened bone cortex; very lg abnormal osteoclasts; high output heart failure
Paget's disease
depressed pt with kidney stones and irregular bowel movements
osteitis fibrosa from parathyroid adenoma
von Kossa stain on bone bx shows lots of black but also lots of pink
osteomalacia (black is calcium; pink is non-calcified osteoid)
bx shows large cells with foamy eosinophilic cytoplasm and indented nuclei
Langerhands cell histiocytosis
osteomyelitis occurs most often in what bone region?
metaphysis, b/c that's where arteries cureve around (~stasis)
blue sclera
osteogenesis imperfecta
"marble bone"
osteopetrosis due to?
impaired osteoclast function
lesion grows AWAY from jnt/bone; del 8q
osteochondroma (Ring of Ranvier defect)
primary site of injury in osteoarthritis?
articular cartilage
acellular eosinophilic material surrounded by foreign-body giant cells + podagra =
biphasic histology with darker spindly mesenchymal cells and lighter epithelioid cells =
synovial sarcoma
synovial sarcoma
mediastinal mass + EOM weakness=
thymoma and myasthenia gravis
gradually increasing symmetric proximal muscle weakness
dermatomyositis, esp in men, assoc'd with ?
underlying malignancy
target of autoimmune reaction in dermatomyositis?
blood vessels in/around muscle. Get immune complex deposition and indirect injury to muscles
ATPase stain showing "fiber type grouping"
denervation followed by renervation
ATPase stain shows degenerated muscle fibers (both types) and also some v. hypertrophic type 1 bundles
spinal muscle atrophy (get degeneration of anterior horn cells)
single file infiltrating tumor cells in breast
invasive lobular carcinoma (abnl mammogram but no discrete mass)
lg pale cells amongst keratinocytes of nipple
Paget's disease
Paget's boobie disease assoc'd with?
underlying ductal carcinoma
cribiform pattern
ductal carcinoma
path findings in intraductal papilloma
bloody nipple discharge, cystic space, papillary lesion in subareolar duct
elongated epithelial duct structures in loose myxoid stroma
pap smear with high grade dysplasia (high nuclear/cytoplasm) assoc'd with?
HPV type 16 or 18
uterine contents: very large edematous chorionic villi with no trophoblastic proliferation and also normal villi
partial mole (assoc'd with triploidy)
H/O hydatidiform mole is increased risk for what?
lg villi with edema and ~no vasculature, trophoblastic proliferation
hydatidiform mole
Call-Exner bodies seen in what gyn cancer?
granulosa cell tumor
atypical surface epithelium, some papillary structure, more than 1 cell layer think epi but no invasive = what gyn cancer?
borderline tumor
ovarian mass with very uniform tall columnar, non ciliated cells
mucinous cystadenoma
ovarian mass with very uniform ciliated columnar epithelium
serous cystadenoma
grossly thickened myometrium with whitish nodules that plug up myometrial vessels
endometrial stromal sarcoma
chocolate cysts
histology of endometriosis
glandular structures embedded in dense stroma
hobnail cells assoc'd with?
pregnant uterus
abnl pap smear: mosaic surface epithelium (like inlaid tile floor)
think cervical dysplasia
"bunch of grapes" protruding from young girl's vagina
sarcoma botryoides
DES exposure in utero-->
clear cell adenocarcinoma (solid sheet of tumor cells with abundant clear cytoplasm)
irregular densities on mammogram but no discrete mass appreciated most likely
fibrocystic change
lymphoepithelial lesions in parotid gland
histology of pleomorphic adenoma (parotid gl)
nests of epithelial cells along with myxoid/cartilaginous cells
histo of nasal polyps
respiratory epithelium, loose edematous stroma with inflammatory infiltrate and lots of eosinophils
NK cell type
think lethal midline granuloma (angiocentric and angiodestructive cellular infiltrate)
tumor with fibrous collagenous stroma and slitlike vascular spaces
nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (adolescent boys!)
most frequent of all tumors in Chinese?
nasopharyngeal carcinoma (EBV assoc'd with nonkeratinizing type)
histology of superficial dermal vessel in hypersensitivity angiitis
vessel is surrounded by pink fibrin and PMNs, many of which have disintegrated (leukocytoclasis)
chronic inflammation, giant cells, severely narrowed lumen
giant cell arteritis
chronic inflammation of pulmonary vessel, with giant cells
suprabasal bulla
pemphigus vulgaris (desmoglein!)
blisters on medial thighs and extensor surfaces
bullous pemphigoid (subepidermal bulla)
IgA deposition at dermal papilla tips
dermatitis herpetiformus
apoptotic keratinocytes with surrounding spongiosis and mild superficial inflammation
erythema multiforme (target lesions on hands)
bandlike lymphocytic infiltrate with disruption of dermal-epi junction
lichen planus (5 p's!)
saw tooth rete ridges
lichen planus
spongiosis and superficial perivascular infiltrate
contact dermatitis (poison ivy!, type IV)
zonal necrobiosis within dermal collagen, surrounded by palisading macrophages
granuloma annulare
lamellar fibrosis and nests of atypical melanocytes
dysplastic nevus
flat pigmented lesion on sole of foot
acral lentiginous melanoma
atrophic epithelium with marked cytologyic atypia of keratinocytes + scaly flaky erythematous on sun regions
actinic keratosis
"stuck on"
seborrheic keratosis
neuroendocrine differentiation on nose
Merkel cell carcinoma
proliferating spindle cells with ill-defined vascular spaces
Kaposi sarcoma (HHV8)