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Q1100. Diff Dx for Menorrhagia; (6)*
A1100. LACE-UP:; Leiomyoma,; Adenomyosis,; Coagulopathy,; Endometrial Hyperplasia,; Uterine (Endometrial) or Cervical CA,; Polyps of endometrium
Q1101. Diff Dx for postcoital bleeding; (3)
A1101. Trauma,; Infection,; Cervical cancer
Q1102. Definition:; pelvic pain assoc with ovulation
A1102. Mittelschmerz
Q1103. MCC of acute pelvic pain
A1103. Ruptured ovarian cyst
Q1104. Dx:; premenopausal patient complains of hemoptysis with each period
A1104. Endometriosis of nasopharynx or lung
Q1105. what must be completely visualized for adequate colposcopic evaluation?
A1105. Transformation zone
Q1106. what (4)* cancers metastasize to cervix by direct extension?
A1106. RIB-Eye steak:; Rectal,; Intra-abdominal,; Bladder,; Endometrial
Q1107. which cervical cancer is susceptable to radiation therapy?; which is not?
A1107. Radiation: SCC of cervix; not: Adenocarcinoma of cervix
Q1108. what are the 4 basic stages of endometrial CA?
A1108. I: only uterine involvement; II: includes cervical involvement; III: includes local spread; IV: includes distant spread
Q1109. what is the most important prognostic indicator of endometrial CA?
A1109. Grade; G1 = Well differentiated; < 5% solid; G2 = Moderate differentiation; 5 - 50% solid; G3 = Poor differentiation; > 50% solid
Q1110. Dx:; postmenopausal woman with a widening girth notices she can no longer button her pants
A1110. Ovarian cancer
Q1111. Definition:; a fixed pelvic and upper abdominal mass with ascites; what is it a sign of?
A1111. Omental caking; sign: Ovarian cancer
Q1112. what GYN cancers are staged Surgically?; Clinically?
A1112. Surgically:; Ovarian,; Endometrial; Clinically:; Cervical
Q1113. In addition to a TAH/BSO for epithelial cell ovarian cancer, what is the Tx in stages I-IV?
A1113. Stage I and II: Only chemotherapy (Taxol and Cisplatin); Stage III and IV: Chemotherapy plus... 1. Radiation if tumor < 2 cm; 2. Interval Debulking (more surgery) if > 2 cm
Q1114. what is the tumor marker for a Granulosa-Theca cell tumor?
A1114. Inhibin (and high estrogen)
Q1115. what is the tumor marker for a Sertoli-Leydig ovarian tumor?
A1115. Testosterone
Q1116. what class of female cancers secrete hCG, Lactogen and Thyrotropin?
A1116. Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasias (GTN)
Q1117. what is the criteria for hospitalization for PID?; (5)*
A1117. GU PAP:; GI symptoms,; Unknown Dx,; Peritonitis,; Abscess,; Pregnancy
Q1118. what is the diagnostic test for Gonorrhea?
A1118. culture on Thayer-Martin agar
Q1119. what is the diagnostic test for chlamydia?
A1119. Microimmunofluorescence test (MIF)
Q1120. Dx:; painless papule on genitals, lymphadenitis, rectovaginal fistula
A1120. Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV); [serotype L1-L3 of chlamydia]
Q1121. what is the level of Vaginal Prolapse with each Grade I-IV?
A1121. I: to level of Ischial spines; II: b/t Ischial spines and Introitus; III: within Introitus; IV: past Introitus
Q1122. what type of incontinence does the Q-tip test measure?
A1122. Stress incontinence
Q1123. Common COD for Ovarian CA patient?
A1123. Mets to bowel causing obstruction
Q1124. if a female patient has HIV, what cancer will progress the Dx to AIDS?
A1124. Cervical CA; (HPV)
Q1125. what is the next step if you cannot see the transformation zone on colposcopy?
A1125. LEEP procedure
Q1126. what is the only cancer you can slice through without taking all of it out?
A1126. Ovarian CA
Q1127. Definition:; Absence of spermatozoa
A1127. Azoospermia
Q1128. Definition:; Low concentration of spermatozoa
A1128. Oligozoospermia
Q1129. Definition:; Poor motility of sperm
A1129. Asthenozoospermia
Q1130. Definition:; Poor morphology of sperm
A1130. Teratozoospermia
Q1131. what is the difference in FSH levels of the Dx of Poor Oocyte Reserve versus Premature Ovarian Failure?; what are estrogen levels with each?
A1131. Poor Oocyte Reserve:; FSH > 10; Estrogen = normal; Premature Ovarian Failure:; FSH > 25; Estrogen is Low (same as menopause)
Q1132. Dx:; 35yo female with secondary amenorrhea, low estrogen and very high FSH and LH
A1132. Premature Ovarian Failure; (menopause in female < 36 yo)
Q1133. MCC of maternal death in the first trimester
A1133. Ectopic pregnancy
Q1134. what is the cause of vaginal lubrication during sex?
A1134. Vaginal Transudation; (edema from engorged vaginal vessels)
Q1135. Dx:; patient ovulates day 14 and starts bleeding day 22; low progesterone; Dx exam?
A1135. Luteal Phase Defect (shortened luteal phase); Dx exam: Late Luteal Phase endometrial biopsy
Q1136. (3) reasons to use a Sterile vaginal Speculum on assessing the Laboring patient
A1136. 1. Suspect Rupture of Membranes; 2. Preterm Labor; 3. signs of Placenta Previa
Q1137. Dx:; PID with Perihepatic inflammation and adhesions from liver to diaphragm
A1137. Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome
Q1138. What is the next step in Tx for a patient with ASCUS?
A1138. Repeat Pap smear in 3 months
Q1139. Patient comes in with a suspected Fibroadenoma. Next step?
A1139. Ultrasound (cannot send home without checking; this is sufficient to confirm Dx0
Q1140. How long should HRT be used?
A1140. 6 - 12 months; (then if Sx persist, switch to another method)
Q1141. Most deaths from Cervical CA are due to what?
A1141. Uremia; (and pyelonephritis)
Q1142. Most common form of contraception in USA?
A1142. Sterilization
Q1143. Pregnant woman comes in with a gush of clear fluid from the vagina. First step?
A1143. Sterile Vaginal Exam
Q1144. Dx test for HSV
A1144. Viral Culture (not Tzank smear)
Q1145. Medicine to rapidly relax the Uterus if it is inverted?; (2)
A1145. 1. Nitroglycerine; 2. Terbutaline
Q1146. Most sensitive test to distinguish types of Incontinence
A1146. Urethrocystometry
Q1147. 50-yo patient with Breast CA presents with Lytic lesions of the spine. First step?
A1147. Radiation
Q1148. Greatest risk factor for Endometrial Hyperplasia
A1148. Obesity; (50lbs overweight increases risks 10 times)
Q1149. 3-yo develops breasts without vaginal bleeding or pubic hair; First step?; Dx?
A1149. First: obtain Serum Estradiol level; Dx: Premature Thelarche; (MC before age 4 due to increase circulating E2; No Tx)
Q1150. Ligament that contains the Ovarian artery and vein
A1150. Infundibulopelvic ligament