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For 48 years, J. Edgar Hoover served as the director of the .../
The body of a spider is divided into two major sections. One is the abdomen. Name the other.
cephalothorax (prosoma)
Which diffuses most rapidly in a solvent?

A. oil
B. salt
C. alcohol
D. mercury
E. nitrogen
The answer is E (nitrogen).
Name the imaginary island of utmost perfection in laws and social arrangement described by Sir Thomas More.
Great Britain initially looked at Australia as a ...

A. source of slaves
B. resource for textiles
C. destination for criminals
D. excellent place to raise sheep
E. supplier of manufactured goods
The answer is C (destination for criminals).
AMS, or acute mountain sickness, is common among lowlanders who travel to elevations of 5000 to 8000 feet. At even higher altitudes, a person may develop a more serious medical condition called HAPE, which stands for high-altitude pulmonary ...
The answer is edema.
What is the square of the next number in this sequence?

35 30 26 23 ...
A. 361
B. 400
C. 441
D. 484
E. 625
The answer is C (441).
Which African capital is farthest from an ocean?

A. Sudan
B. Angola
C. Somalia
D. Morocco
E. Mauritania
The answer is A (Sudan).
What advertising term, reminiscent of a sound made by bells, indicates a brief set of verses with strong, repetitive rhythm?
The answer is a jingle.
If an orbiting astronaut experiences gravity at half its value on the Earth's surface, his ...

A. mass is half his Earth mass
B. weight is half his Earth weight
C. density is half his Earth density
D. volume is half his Earth volume
E. velocity is half his Earth velocity
The answer is B (his weight is half his Earth weight).
Each letter of the alphabet stands for one or more speech sounds, otherwise known as ...
The answer is phonemes.
Which explorer visited these sites?

West Indies, Spanish Main, Cadiz,
Puget Sound, South Seas, Moluccas
A. Henry Hudson
B. Francis Drake
C. Jacques Cartier
D. Sebastian Cabot
E. Francisco Coronado
The answer is B (Francis Drake).
The surface of the tongue is covered with various small, rounded projections called ...
The answer is papillae.
Which is not an element?

A. thorium
B. alluvium
C. lutetium
D. samarium
E. protactinium
The answer is B (alluvium).
In 1676, the Wampanoag chief known as King Philip was killed by New England colonists, his head was displayed on a pole, and his wife and son were sold into slavery in the West Indies. King Philip was the son of what native leader who had saved the Pilgrims from starvation about fifty years earlier?
The answer is Massasoit.