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In towns he knew taverns, every one, and every good host and barmaid too-
Better than begging lepers, these he knew
Frair- Negative View
Member of the clergy
Well liked, Festive Man
Virtous, curtious, humble
Nice conscience was a thing he never kept,
If that he fought and go the upper hand, by water he sent them home to every land
Sailor-Negative View
"By water"
Lived far out west
Loved books, not God.
Bold was her face, and fair, and red of hue.
She'd been respectable throughout her life,
With five churched husbunds bringing Joy and Strife,
Not counting other company in youth;
thereof there's no need to speak, in truth.
Wife of Bath- Neg.
"Five Husbands and not counting others in youth"
Housewife from Bath
Deaf in either ear
Knew the Dance of Love
Married 5 Times

This fine example to his flock he gave
That first he wrought and afterwards he tought
For if the preist be foul, in whom he trust,
What wonder if a layman yield to lust?
Parson, pos.
A man of religion
Poor, but rich in holy knowledge
Taught, but followed for himself
...He was a slender choleric man
Who shaved his beard so close as a razor can.
His hair was cut round even with his ears;
Reeve...No view?
Named Scot
Close shaved Beard, round head
A lover and a lusty bachelor,
With locks well curled, as if they'd lain in press.
Some twenty years of age he was, I guess.
Squire, neutral
young knight, loved chivalry, strong christian, believed in truth and honor
And never from her lips let morsels fall,
Nor dipped her fingers deep in sauce, but ate with so much care the food upon her plate that never driblet fell upon her breast
Prioress, Positive
Nun, spoke French, blue eyes, well mannered, wears beads
In that one day more money stood to gain
Than thepoor dupe in two month could attain. And thus, with flattery and suchlike japes, He made the parson and the rest his apes
Pardoner, Negative
hair yellow as wax, wallet stuffed with pardons
One made for mastery, An outrider, whop loved his venery, and when he rode men might his bridle hear A-jingling in the whistling wind as clear.
Monk, Negative
smoothed face, shiny bald head
Pregnant of moral virtue was his speech; And gladly would he lear and gladly would he teach
Clerk, Positive
had a lot of common sense, liked to read about philosiphy
Because of learning and his high renown,
He took large fees and many robes could own
Lawyer, Negative
weary and wise, a great lawayer, made a lot of money, wore expensive clothes
White was his beard as is the white daisy
Of sanguine temperament by every sign
Franklin, Positive
Householder,delightful living was his goal, he liked to cook and was a good man
Who had a fiery red, cherubic face,
For eczema he had, his eyes ere narrow,
As hot he was and lechorous as a sparrow;
With black and scabby brows and scantly beard;
He had a face that little children feared
Negative View
Was a farmer
Fiery red happy narrow face
"Little children feared"
Living in peace and perfect charity.
He loved God most, and that with his whole heart
Positive View
Good toiler
Works hard, but he is poor
[...]He could steal corn and full thrice charge his fees
And yet he had a thumb of gold, begad.
Miller- Negative View
Brawny, Strong
never lost a wrestling match
Red Beard and Hair (LIKE A FOX)