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AP knee
Knee structures, open femorotibial joint space, slight superimposition of the fibular head.
PA knee
Open femorotibial joint space, Soft tissue surrounding the knee joint.
Lateral (mediolateral)
Lateral image of the distal femur, patella, knee joint, proximal ends of the tibia and fibula an adjacent soft tissue, superimposed femoral condyles, open patellofemoral joint space.
AP weight bearing standing
Joint spaces of the knees, varus and valgus deformities.
PA weight bearing standing (Resenberg)
Joint space narrowing, articular cartilage disease.
AP oblique lateral rotation
lateral projection of the femoral condyles, patella, tibial condyles, and head of the fibula, fibula superimposed over the lateral half of the tibia, margin of the patella projected slightly beyond the edge of the lateral femoral condyle.
AP oblique medial rotation
projection of the medially rotated femoral condyles, patella, tibial condyles, proximal tibiofibular joint, and the head of the fibula, tibia and fibula separated at their proximal articulation, margin of the patella projecting slightly beyond the medial side of the femoral condyle.
PA Patella
Sharper recorded detail (less OID)
Lateral Patella
Lateral patella and patellofemoral joint space
PA oblique patella(Medial rotation)
Medial patella free of superimposition of the femur
PA oblique patella(Lateral rotation)
Lateral patella free of superimposition of the femur
Tangential patella(Sattegast)
Vertical fractures of bone and the articulating surfaces of the patellofemoral articulation.