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Medial Instability- What is involved?
MCL/TIbial Collateral Ligament
What tests are used to check for a medial instability?
Abduction (Valgus) Stress Test
How does a Medial Instability occur?
Valgus stress
What is torn with a Medial Instability?
Posterior Oblique Ligament
Posteromedial capsule
Medial Quad Expansion
Semimembranosus M
What is involved with a Lateral Instability?
LCL/Fibular Collateral Ligament
How does a Lateral Instability occur?
Varus Stress.
Most often associated with ACL & PCL Injury
What tests are used to diagnose a Lateral Instability?
Adduction (Varus) Stress Test
What is injured with Lateral Instability?
Posterolateral COmplex
Arcuate Popliteal Complex
Biceps Femoris Tendon
Lateral Gastroc
Posterior Stability is mainly looking at...
PMRI is the same thing
What tests can be done to determine if the pt has a posterior instability?
Posterior Sag Sign
Godfrey (Gravity) Test
Reverse Lochman's
How does posterior instability occur?
Contact- Blow to the front of the tibia w/ a flexed knee
Fall on a flexed knee with PF
What is torn with a posterior instability?
Posterior Oblique Ligament
Posteromedial Capsule
What is the major player in Anterior Instability?
What tests can be done to diagnose Anterior Instability Issues?
Lachman's (4 Modifications)
Active Lachman's
Drawer Sign
Active Drawer
What kind of injury causes anterior instability?
Non contact- Deceleration, landing from a jump, twisting or cutting activities
Contact- Valgus force to a planted foot
What is injured with an anterior instability?
Posterior Oblique Ligament
Arcuate-Popliteal Complex
What is the initial test you would do to loofa for instability?
Losse Disco Test- The pt will c/o instability
How do you get a AMRI?
ER Tibia
IR Femur
Can be contact or non-contact
What test would you do to diagnose an AMRI?
Slocum (Toes ER 15)
What is injured with an AMRI?
Posterior Oblique Ligament
Posterior Medial Capsule
What is a functional test for AMRI?
Side Step Cut
How would you get an ALRI?
IR Tibia
ER Femur
How would you test for ALRI?
Lateral Pivot Shift*** (Ext --> Flex)
Jerk Test (Flex-->Ext)
Socum (Toes IR 30)
Flexion Drawer Test
What is injured with an ALRI?
Posterior Lateral Capsule
What is a functional test you can use to test ALRI?
Cross over cut
How do you determine the rotational stability?
What surface of the tibia moves excessively
What causes PLRI?
ER Tibia
IR Femur
What is a PMRI?
Straight plane posterior because the Axis of rotation is gone
What must occur to have a PLRI?
PCL must be stressed/stretch- NOT TORN
How can you test for PLRI?
Posterior Lateral drawer sign
ER Recurvatum Test
Active Posterior Lateral Drawer
What is injured with a PLRI injury?
Arcuate Popliteus Complex
Poster 1/3 lateral compartment
Lateral Gastroc Head
(Acl, Posterior lateral capsule, PCL, Biceps femoris Tendon- Form McGee)