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今私がやった とおりに、エンギンを組み立てて(くみたてて)ください。
S1. Please assemble the engine like I just did.
仕事(しごと)がおっわた 後(あと)で、会社(かいしゃ)の人と食事(しょくじ)に行きます。
S2. After I have finished work, I am going for a meal with some people from the company.
S3. I am doing my practical training in Japanese only, without using English.
操作(そうさ)の順序(じゅんじょ)がちがいますよ。さっき私が説明(せつめい)した とおりに、やってください。
E1. You are operating it in the wrong order. Please do it in the way I explained earlier.
>Yes, I understand.
E2. The machine will not start.
>OK, I will watch you. Please do the operation again in accordance with the manual.
E3. There was a phone call from the head office yesterday after you had left, Section Manager.
>I see. I will call them immediately.
E4. Haven't you got any problems with your practical training?
>No, because we have a meeting after the allotted work has been done every day.
>じゃ、今日(きょう)から できるだけ みないで やってください。
E5. Have you learned how to operate the machine already?
>Yes, more or less. When I don't know what to do, I look at this manual.
>OK, from now on, please try to do it while looking at the manual as little as possible.
E6. Are you going anywhere on Sunday?
>No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to stay in and relax.