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Main points of a fitness consultation

identify goals of a program
inquire about favorite acts.
make ST/LT goals
make goals measurable
discuss past ex. history
time commitment
design prescription
discuss safe ex. practice
familiarization period
leave time to answer ??s
professional manner
4 components of exercise prescription
warm-up, aerobic endurance/ resistance phase, recreational phase, cool down
goals of warm-up
increase muscle blood flow, metabolic rate, musc. perf.
decrease susceptibility to injury
cool down
gradual recovery, adj. HR & BP, increase venous return, dissipate heat
if cool down is omitted...
related to increase incidence of CV complications, decrease VR w/no skeletal muscle pump, decrease coronary blood flow w/increase HR & BP= anigina!
cool down activities
walk, slow jog, stretch, yoga
4 principles of training
overload, specificity, progression, reversibility
exercise at a level beyond which normally accustomed to
training effects are specific to exercise performed & muscles involved
involves FITT, done over wks/months, organized into stages
gains are lost when overload is removed