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Son of Uther Pendragon; King of Britain: founder of the Kinghts of the Round Table
King Arthur
Last of the Knights fo the Round Table
Sir Bedivere
Arthur's foster father
Sir Ector
Son of Sir Launcelot and purest of Arthur's knights; succeeds in the quest for the Holy Grail
Sir Galahad
Nephew to King Arthur; son of Morgana; most courteous of Arthur's knights
SZir Gawain
Daughter of King Lodegreaunce; Arthur's wife
Queen Guinevere
Arthur's foster brother and steward
Sir Kay
Gives Arthur his sword
Lady of the Lake
Greatest of the Knights of the Round Table; father of Sir Galahad
Sir Launcelot du Lake
A magician; counselor to Arthur
Island in the western seas where King Arthur goes at his death
City where Arthur's court is established
Arthur's sword
Cup used at Last Supper; object of quests of Knights of the Round Rable
Holy Grail (Sangreal)
Lady of the Lake
Give Arthur his sword
Arthur's half sister; a sorceress
Morgan la Fay
A wedding gift from Arthur's father-in-law; provided seats for 150 knights
Round Table
Arthur's nephew; plots to overthow the king?
Sir Modred
Arthur's court was established in what city?
How many knights can the round table seat?
Who was the last Knight at the Round Table?
Sir Bedivere
Merlin had great...
Magical powers.
What was driven into the stone in the churchyard.
A powerful sword.
Who did Arthur ask to help plan his future?
What was the sword of peace called?
At the Round Table, each chair had a name written on it, true or false.
When a knight loses his honor, his name will disappear from his chair, true or false.
Arthur said, when a man becomes worth of joining us, his name will appear on an empty chair, true or false.
Who did Arthur ask ___ to help him and set a good example.
The Knights
King Arthur ask the Knights, always fight on the side of right and _________.
Did Merlin like Guinevere?
Yes or No
Morgana, King Arthur's sister adored him, True or False.
A magician and an old friend of Merlin's.
Lady Nimue
What was the name of Morgana's son?
The most famous knight of all was?
Sir Lancelot
Gawain said he heard Merlins voice at the lake telling him to have King Aurthors men look for what?
Holy Grail
Sir Lancelot and Sir Gawain learned that the Grail was at ________
Castle Carbonek
Who was purest of all the knights?
Sir Galahad
Which knight stirred up trouble?
Guinevere and Sir Lancelot were in love with each other, true or false.
Who raised everyones taxes in Britain?
When Mordred and King Arthur were signing a truce, what bit one of Mordreds men on the heel?
A Snake
Who did King Arthur blame for the ruin of his kingdom?
Who hurled the Excalibur back into the lake at King Arthur's request.
Sir Bedivere
Whoever pulls this sword from this stone is the true _______ ___ _________.
King of Britian
During Easter there was a jousting tournamnet, the air was filled with brightly colored ________
Who pulled the sword from the stone?
Who tried to take credit for pulling the sword from the stone.
Sir Kay
What was Sir Kay's fathers name?
Sir Ector
Who adopted Arthur when he was a baby?
Sir Ector
What color was Merlin's Cloak?
Arthur's real father was?
King Uther Pendragon.
King Uther Pendragaon was killed in a _________.
The Land of Mystery is
When Arthur was a baby a spell was placed on him to become the greatest king this land shall ever know, True or False.
Arthur was only a teenager when he became king. True or False