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What are the five major area's of the injury assessment process?
Anatomy, Athletic Injury (mechanism), Diagnostic Procedures, Signs/Symptoms, Evaluation Format (HOPS, SOAP)
What does HOPS and SOAP stand for? What is the major disadvantage of HOPS?
HOPS: History, Observation and Inspection, Palpation, Special Tests

SOAP: Subjective evaluation, Objective evaluation, Assessment, Plan of Action

The major disadvantage of HOPS is that it doesn't allow for a rehabiliation plan.
What questions are asked during a patient history?
Personal Aspects, Health, Sport, Complaint, Pain
What checklist should be used to interpret pain?
(PQRST) Provocative, Quality, Region, Scale of severity, Timing
What is S.H.A.R.P? when is it used?
SHARP is used in observation. It is a checklist.
Swelling, Heat, Altered Function, Redness, Pain
What should you be looking for during palpation?
muscle spasm, crepitus, swelling, pulsing, skin temp, tenderness, deformity, sensory function
What special tests should be performed?
Functional Activities, Instability, Strength, Crepitus, Ability to move, ROM (passive, Active, resisted), Sensory/Reflex
What does POMR stand for? Which evaluation format is it used with?
Problem Oriented Medical Record (POMR) is used with SOAP notes, it is used as legal and communication use.
What are the 4 common diagnostic tests in sport injury assessment?
2)Contrast Enhanced Radiography
3)CT Scan
4) Nuclear Imaging(MRI)
What is the function of an x-ray?
An X-ray is used to rule out fractures and dislocations. As well as rule out serious diseases like cancer and infections
In descending order, what can an x-ray detect?
3)Soft tissue
In an x-ray, for osteoporosis to be evident on film, what percentage in bone loss must occur?
30-35% of boneloss must occur before osteoporosis can be detected on an x-ray.
With experience, what can an examiner read on an x-ray?
1)Calcification of tendons
2)Soft tissue changes
3)Atrophy of Surrounding tissues
4)tissue displaced by tumor
5)Bone Loss
6)Bone Erosion
What are the 4 views of an x-ray?
1)A/P Anteroposterior
What are the five contrast enhanced radiographs?
1) Arthrography
2) Myelography
3) Discography
4) Angiography
5) Urography
What is an Angiograph used to diagnose?
An angiogram is a radiograph used to diagnose blockages, arteriosclerosis, tumors, thoracic outlet syndrome
What is a myelogram used to diagnose?
A myelogram is used to detect bulging disks, tumors, or changing in the bones surrounding the spinal cord
What is arthrography and what are the 3 types of contrasts?
Arthrography is used to highlight a joint using contrasts. The contrasts to be used are: air, dye or contrast, double contrast.
In a myelograph, where is the dye injected?
In a myelograph, dye is injected through a lumbar puncture of L3 ,into the subarchnoid space.
What does a bone scan detect?
A bone scan detects fractures and bony anamolies.
Who developed Arthroscopy?
Dr. Robert Jackson