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What is the definition of biomechanics according to Hall?
Biomechanics is the science involving the study of biological systems from a mechanical perspective.
What are the sub fields of mechanics?
Statics and Dynamics. Dynamics is further broken into kinetics and kinematics.
What is the definition of mechanics?
Mechanics is the physical science which deals with the state of rest or motion of bodies under the action of forces.
What is the definition of statics?
Concerns the equilibrium of bodies under the action of forces.
What is the definition of kinematics? provide an example
Kinematics is the study of the motion of bodies without respect to forces that cause the motion. Example: displacement, velocity, acceleration
What is the definition of kinetics? provide an example
Kinetics is the study of motion of the body with respect to the forces that cause the motion. Example: free body diagrams
What is dynamics?
Dynamics is the study of accelerated motion of bodies.
What are the three forms of motion?
1) Translation = rectilinear = Curvilinear
2) Rotation
3) General motion
What are three ways to calculate instantaneous velocity?
1) Tangent
2) Simple Finite Difference
3) First Central Finite Difference
What is a major objective of qualitative biomechanical analysis?
One objective of qualitative analysis is to be as accurate as possible within a framework of known limitiations.
What does AVI mean in terms of the Hu-m-an program?
An "AVI" file is a computer video file. (Audio, Video, Interleaved).