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What is BMI stand for, and what is the formula?
BMI stands for body mass index. The formula is mass/height^2
What is the BMI for being overweight and obese?
Overweight = >25
Obese = > 30
How many lives are lost each year due to inactivity?
21,000 lives are lost each year due to inactivity.
What is the metabolic syndrome?
Metabolic syndrome is visceral fat, insulin resistance, Impaired Glucose Tolerance(IGT), Hypertension, dyslipidemias.
At what age range does metabolic syndrome peak?
Metabolic Syndrome peaks at ages 60-69.
What therapy is more powerful than any pharmacological therapy?
Exercise therapy.
High visceral fat increases cardiovascular risk. T/F
How many Canadians have type II diabetes?
1.5 million people have type II diabetes.