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-kevin's older sister
-dana's cousin, thinks kevin is abusing her
-buys food, etc. when d returns without kevin
-overseer after jake edwards
-very mean and cruel
-whips dana in the cornfield
even fowler
-nieghbor to the waylin's
-owns isaac jackson
judge holman
-main character
-kevin's wife in 1976
dana franklin
-dr. and friend of kevin
-takes care of dana after she slits wrists
louis george
-married to dana in 1976 time period
-tries to adjust from the racism of 1976 to the racism of 1819
kevin franklin
-cousin of margaret's
-new overseer after luke gets sold
-bullies the slaves
jake edwards
-tom weylin's first wife
-educated, cultured. friendly
miss hannah
-plantation and slave owner
-rufus father
-married first to miss hannah, then to margaret
tom weylin
-married to tom waylin
-mother of rufus
-insecure and meanspirted
margaret weylin
-calls dana back in time when his life is in danger
-future plantation owner
-dana's ancestor-he and alice greenwood produce hagar, dana ancestor
rufus welyin
-child of rufus and alice
-ancestor of dana
-keeps track of her fam. tree in a bible, which dana has seen
hagar weylin
-son of rufus and alice
-named after joseph of old test-sold into slavery by brothers