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plantar fascia
bottom of the foot
head of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5th metatarsal
metatarsal = middle bone of foot

head = closer to toes
distal and proximal interphalangeal joints
interphalangeal joints = middle joint of toe

distal = closer to tip of toe
proximal = closer to foot
navicular tubercle
medial side of foot
base of 5th metatarsal
lateral side of foot
lateral malleolus
ankle bone on outside
medial malleolus
ankle bone on inside
calcaneofibular ligament
lateral side of ankle
from malleolus down
peroneus longus
from fibular head to foot
palpate on side of leg
superior and inferior borders of the patella
knee cap
superior = closer to quad
inferior = clower to shin
medial and lateral femoral epicondyle
start wide with fingers on either side of leg on quad...move down until feel bones widen out on side of knee
adductor tubercle
above medial epicondile
tibial tubercle
under patellar tendon
iliotibila band
lateral side of quad - seam of pants
rectus femoris
middle of quad in the front
vastus medialis
medial side of quad
lateral collateral ligament
outside of knee
side of bottom of kneecap
fibular head to lateral epicondile
medial collateral ligament
inside of knee on the side of it
Tibialis anterior
muscle next to tibial crest lateral side
gerdy's tubercle
outside of patellar tendon

between tibial tubercle and head of fibula
pes anerinus
oppositive of gerdies tubercle