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What is my Full name?
Katherine Nicole Greer
What is my siameses full name??
Nikko Saphire Greer! (his eyes are as blue as saphire) i was 8 okay!!
what is my fav animal? (tricky)
a hippo duh!!
What is my fav dessert?
chocolate decatince YUM
What is my fav. book series
Harry Potter!! (i am soooooo not a dork for liking these books! im not obsessed!
Who is Andres McAlister?
i don't know!!! hahaha
who is my fav. sports athlete?? prettty easy
peyton manning!!!
What is my favorite cartoon show and who is my favorite character on that show?
Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, and Sheen Estavez is my fav. character!! he is sooo funny;
Who is my fav. disney princess
Cinecienta! (cinderella in spanish)
what is my ambition for the future
a vet/doctor/i don't know yet!