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Application Software
Programs that allow human users to accomplish specialized tasks, such as work processing or database management
A binary digit
A sequence of bits used to encode a character in memory. 8 bits
Central Processing Unit. A major hardware component that consists of the arithmetic/logic unit an the control unit
the computing machine and its support devices
Information Hiding
A condition in which the user of a module does not know the details of how it is implemented, and the implementer of a module does not know the details of how it is used
Object-oriented programming. The construction of software systems that use objects
Primary Memory
The high-speed internal memory of a computer also referred to as random access memory (RAM).
Secondary Memory
An auxiliary device for memory, usually a disk or magnetic tape.
Programs that make the machine (the hardware) do something, such as work processing, database management, or games.
Software Development Life Cycle. The process of development, maintenance, and demise of a software system. Phases include analysis, design, coding, testing/verification, maintenance, and obsolescence.
System Software
The programs that allow users to write and execute other programs, including operating systems such as Windows and MacOS
Ubiquitous computing
A situation in which computational resources are accessible to people no matter where they are
Waterfall Model
A series of steps in which a software system trickles down from analysis to design to implementation.
Computer software is created in a process called __________
A description of the attributes and behavior of a set of objects.
A chunk of code that can be treated as a unit and invoked by name. A method is called when a message is sent to an object.