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Supplying liquor illegally during prohibition (1920-1933) by producing or smuggling it.
Practice of favoring native-born citizens over immigrants.
Charles Darwin's theory that holds that humans and all other species developed over time from lower to more complex forms.
Government prohibition of the printing of certain materials.
christian religious movement based on pamphlets issued between 1909 and 1914; holds that every word in the bible was inspired by God.
Sacco and Venzetti
Italian immigants arrested in connection to the robbing and kiling of a guard and paymaster of a South Braintree,Massachusettes shoe factory. They were sentenced to death.
Scopes Trial
Tennessee trial of 1925 that challenged the law against teaching evolution in public schools.
A type of young woman having a straight, slim silhouette and a fondness for dancing and brash actions; a symbol of the Jazz Age.
Ku klux Klan (KKK)
Organization formed in the south in 1866, which used lynching and violence to intimidate and control African Americans and thers.
Harlem Renaissance
Period in the early 1900s during which the literary, musical, and artistic expression of African Americans blossomed in Harlem.
Jazz Age
A period marked by the great popularity of jazz music, which was linked to changes in manners, morals, and fashions.
General Strike
A strike in which many unions participate in order to show worker unity.
Marcus Garvey
Came from his native Jamaica in 1916 to establish a new headquarters for his Universal Negro Improvement association(UNIA).The UNIA sought to build up African Americans' self respect.
The Red Scare
fear of communism, socialism,or other so-called extreme ideas.
Warren G. Harding
President of the United States from 1921-1923, he presided over a short administration marked by corruption.
Hostility toward or discrimination against Jews
Calvin Coolidge
president from 1923-1929, he promoted big business and opposed social aid.
Uniformity of Product
Held that each car should be identical- an idea never before applied to such complicated machinery.
Assembly Line
Broke down car production into precise steps.
Warren G. Harding
President of the United States from 1921-1923, he presided over a short administration marked by corruption.
Charles A. Lindbergh
Aviator who became an international hero when he made the first solo flight across the Atlantic ocean in 1927.