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Who was Thomas Adams?
An important planner during the Garden City movement, the secretary of the Garden City Association, the first manager of Letchworth. He developed a number of garden suburbs in England and later went on to teach planning at MIT and Harvard.
Who was Saul Alinsky?
An advocate of community organizing. Alinsky organized Chicago’s poor in the late 1930s and 1940s. In 1946, he published Reveille for Radicals, which encouraged those who were poor to become involved in American democracy. Later he published Rules for Radicals, which provided 13 rules for community organizing.
Who was Sherry Arnstein?
She wrote “A Ladder of Citizen Participation” for the Journal of the American Planning Association in 1969. This article describes the levels of involvement by citizens depending on the form of participation utilized.
Who was Rachel Carson?
She wrote Silent Spring, an important book in environmental planning, focusing on pollution.
Who was Robert Moses?
He transformed New York City’s public works from the 1930s through the 1950s. He expanded the state’s park system and built numerous parkways. He also built parks, playgrounds, highways, bridges, tunnels, and public housing.
Who was Rexford Tugwell?
He served as the head of the Resettlement Administration. He worked on the greenbelt cities program, which sought construction of new, self-sufficient cities. Tugwell was closely involved in the development of Arthurdale, West Virginia, a Resettlement Administration community. He later served on the New York City Planning Commission and served as governor of Puerto Rico.
Who was Sir Raymond Unwin?
He was an English town planner and designer of Letchworth. He later lectured at the University of Birmingham in England and Columbia University.
Who was Catherine Bauer Wurster?
She was a founder of American housing policy. She worked to reform policy that was related to housing and city planning. She served as executive secretary of the Regional Planning Association of America. She wrote Modern Housing and was influential in the passage of the Housing Act of 1937.