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Emergency Banking Relief Act
Enlarged federal authority over private banks.
Government loans to private banks.
Civilian Conservation Corps
Unemployment relief.
Conservation of natural resources.
Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Direct federal money for relief, funneled through state and local governments.
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Federal farm aid based on parity pricing and subsidy.
Tennessee Valley Authority
Economic development and cheap electricity for Tennessee Valley
National Industrial Recovery Act
Self-regulating industrial codes to revive economic activity
Public Works Administration
Federal public works projects to increase employment and consumer spending.
Emergency Relief Appropriations Act
Large-scale public works and unemployment insurance. Includes WPA (Works Progress Administration).
Social Security Act
Federal old-age pensions and unemployment insurance
Wagner Act
Federal Guarantee of right to organize trade unions and collective bargaining.
Resettlement Administration
Relocation of poor rural families.
Reforestation and soil erosion projects.
National Housing Act
Federal funding for public housing and slum clearance.
Fair Labor Standards Act
Federal minimum wage and maximum hours.
Securities and Exchange Commission
Regulate stock market exchange.