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______ is characterized by coarse punctate epithelial keratitis affecting the CENETRAL cornea
Superficial punctate keratitis of thygeson
In SPK of thygeson, you will see _______ epithlial lesions. These stain with RB.
Will you have - or + stainging of flurescein or both in SPK of thygeson.
Both, ifyou have an overlying microerosion you will have + staining
You will have _____ corneal sensitivity in SPK of thygeson
T or F: in SPK of thygeson, you will not have any conjunctival or AC inflammation.
True--usually asymptomatic
Where does interstitial keratitis occur?
in the STROMA
What is a main feature of interstitial keratitis?
Vascularization of the stroma and nonsuppurative infiltration
Is interstitial keratitis usually associated with a systemic diease? if so, which one?
yes, syphilis
What does IK look like?
pannus---cuz all of the vessels
There are many conditions causing IK, name all of them.
1- syphillis
2- Tb
3- leprosy
4- Onchocerciasis
5- Mumps
6- Lymphogranuloma
7- Cogans syndrome
8- gold toxicity
9- HSV
Name 3 inactive signs of interstitial keratitis.
1- ghost vessels in the stroma
2- deep corneal haze or scar
3- stromal thinning
How do you treat acute IK?
2- steroids
3- treat the systemic disease
Sterile infiltrates are _____ 1mm in diameter. They occur in the ___ cornea. Describe the epithelium.
less than, peripheral, intact epi.
Will you have uveitis with sterile corneal infiltrates?
T or F; sterile infiltrates are separated from the limbau by a lucid area.
Can staph bleph cause sterile infiltrates?
yes, lots of ocular/systemic diesases can
Name 2 conditions that can also cause sterile infiltrates of the cornea.
1-ance rosacea
2- CTL overwear
You SHOULD use a topical steriod to treat sterile infiltrates of the corneal, but when is this contraindicated?
1- when the cornea is too thin
2- if it is caused by HSV
Specifically describe a dellen.
all layers of the cornea ARE present--it is jut very dehydrated and so the corneal is very thin. You will see pooling of flurescein--but no staining. (elevated areas adjacent)
HOw do you treat a dellen?
Will a dellen cause hyperemia, infiltrations and anterior uveitis?
______ is a chronic condition caused by proliferative hyperplastic epithelial cells protruding anterior tothe corneal surface.
filamentary keratitis
_____ are often attached to the filamentary protrusions.
mucus strands
Can you give a hyperosmotic to treat filamentary keratitis?