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1960 election candidates
JFK(D) and Nixon(R)
How long was Nixon Eisenhower's vice pres?
8 years
First time for what in this election?
candidates to debate issues on TV
What hurt Nixon?
his apperanace
What was Kennedy's religion (1st)?
How old was Kennedy?
What was the key state in the election?
What organization did JFK set up?
Peace Corps
What was Kennedy's Program called?
New Frontier
What did the New Frontier consist of?
more money for education, health insureance for elderly
What did JFK ask the steel companies to do?
hold down prices not raise them
What was the consequence if the companies did not do what was asked?
be invesigated and would use foreign steel
No gender discrimination was to be involved in what?
Federal Jobs
What did JFK sign for women's rights?
Equal Pay Act
What was on his cabinet(ass.)
a woman
What threat intensified under JFK?
nuclear war
What did Russians do in 1957?
sent first satellit into space
What did Russians do in 1961?
sent first man to orbit Earth
What did Kennedy promise?
man on the moon by the end of the decade
Who was John Glen?
first American to Orbit Earth(1962)
What was Due Process
right to life, property, and liberty
Mapp v. Ohio
unlawfully seized evidence is inadmissable at trial
Gideon vs. Wainwright
suspects are entitled to court appointed attorney
Escobedo vs Illinois
accused has right to attorney in questioning
Miranda vs Arizona
police must inform suspects of their rights during arrest process
Engle vs Vitale
state-mandated prayer in school is banned
Abington School District vs. Schempp
no bible reading in school
What was Bay of Pigs(Apr 1961)?
invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles
Who turned Cuba Communist
Fidel Castro
Why did Kennedy fire Dullas(CIA director)?
because CIA trained Cuban Exiles
What did Kennedy say he would do to the CIA?
break it up into a 1000 pieces
What goes up in June, 1961?
Berlin Wall
What did the Berline Wall symbolize?
beginning and end of the Cold War
What was the closest the world came to Nuclear War?
Cuban Missle Crisis 1964
What discovered missle sights in Cuba?
spy planes
What did Kennedy do to Cuba?
put a naval blockade on them
What was the reason for the War of 1812?
open sea war
What was teh downfall of Kruschef?
When was Kennedy assassinated?
Nov. 22, 1963
Who was blamed for the assasination?
Lee Harvey Oswald
How quickly was Oswald blamed for the killing?
one hour after JFK was shot
Who else was Oswald blamed for?
Where did Oswald work?
School Book Depository (Sept.)
Where and when was JFK shot?
6th floor at 12:30
What did Lyndon Johnson start?
Warren Commison-investigated assasination
Who was involved with the Warren Commission?
Dullus and Geral Ford
Who came up with single bullet Theory?
Arlin Spectorq
Who was Zapruder?
captured teh assasination on colored film
How long was the assasination?
5.6 seconds
Where was the film shot?
grassy knoll
Who was in front of JFK in car?
Gov. Connely
Who killed Oswald?
Jack Ruby in garage of Dallas police station
Where did Oswald die?
Parkland Hospital
Where did Jack Ruby die?
3 yrs later in Prison from Cancer
Where did FBI fly JFK's body?
N Bethesda Naval Hospital
What year will record be released?
2039 but must be in 2017
What is an order fromt the pres. called?
Executive order
How many soliders were in Vietnam by 1966?
1/2 million
How many casualities?
500,000 killed, 1/4 million wounded