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a major responsibilitty of a democratic citizen is
the u.s. is a ?
representive democracy
waking up to rock music putting on jeans and celebrating the 4th of july are all part of the american
some people migrate because they are pulled by
opportunities for a better life
the government of great brittain is
a constitutional monarchy
communism is an example of
command economy
refuges leave their homeland to
escape war or unjust goverments
democracy is a form of
limited government
the rule of saddam hussein in iraq is an example of
a dictatorship
the earths crust is made up of
many plates that move
the four major oceans are the the pacific ,atlantic,indian,and
the study of earths land water plants and animals is part of
physical geography
places near the equator are in the
lower latitudes
about 70 percent of the earths cruct is
the warming of the earth from the build up of gases in the air is
the green house effect
tectonic plates floate on top of
liquid rock
as alltitude increases
air temp.decreses
when two continental plates crash they create...
high mountain ranges
most of the earth fresh water is found in
the tropics are areas that lie near
the equator
movement of people from farms to villages to cities
the people who make the laws must obey them
limited gorverment
benifits and protections garenteed to you by law
share a common language history and origin
ethnic groups
duties you owe to your fellow citizens
study of th einteraction of people and society
social sciantists
differs from the people with the most power and wealth in the region
minority grups
the rulers can do whatever they want
unlimited goverment
practices handed down from the past
group of satilites traveling around the earth
global postioning system
flat areas at higher elevations
huge slabs of rock
computer softwareused to map the earth
geographic information systems
place swhereplants and animals are dependant upon one another and their particul surroundings for survival
steep sided lowlands that rivers have cut
natural surroundings
low lying stretches of flat or gently rolling land
individual fetures of the land like mountains or valleys
land forms
cracks in the earths crust