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Transthoracic lateral projection
a lateral projection through the thorax
Dorsoplantar & plantodorsal projections
these are secondary terms for AP or PA projections of the foot
Parietoacanthial & acanthioparietal projections
The CR enters at the cranial parietal bone and exits at the acanthion (junction of the nose and upper lip) for the parietoacanthial projection (( these are known as PA waters and AP reverse waters))
submentovertex (SMV) and verticosubmental (VSM) projections
these are for the skull and mandible. CR enters below the chin, or mentum, and exits at the vertex or top of the skull for the submentovertex projection
Cephalad angle
is any angle toward the head end of the body
caudad angle
is any angle toward the feet or away from the head end of the body
on the same side of the body or bodypart
on the opposite side of the body or body part
is a swayback type of curvature, most commonly of the lumbar spine region
is a humpback, type of curvature, usually of the thoracic spine region
is a lateral, or side to side, curvature of the spine
medial vs. lateral
toward vs. away from the center, or median plane
proximal vs. distal
proximal is near the source or begining, and distal is away from.
interior vs. exterior
interior is inside of something, nearer to the center, and exterior is situated on or near the outside.
superficial vs. deep
superficial is nearer the skin surface; deep is further away.