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What type of thinking does Piaget focus on?
Cognitive development. Piaget was a smart man. Very PC.
What age group is considered pre-operational?
2-6 years old.
What are some Piaget's pre-operational stage characteristics?
use of mental symbols, ego centric, magical thinking (MEM!)
What do pre-operational children think about death/illness?
Illness has no reversibility and death can be reversable. They have separation anxienty when in hospital.
What school of thought does Erik Erikson focus on?
Psychosocial development - I know eric who is mature.
What stage of Erikson's development is 3-5?
Initiative vs Guilt - WHY?
What is Freud's school of thought concerned with?
Psychosexual development, the perv!
What is the process of social learning theory for sex-role identification?
Observation, Imitation, Reward
What is the stage of Freud's that is concerned with moral development?
What is internalization (child development)?
When a kid learns that hitting dog with stick is wrong.
What is the moral realism described by Piaget about pre-operational staged kids?
Right and wrong is very rigid (12 cups breaking always worse than 1)
What ages are elementary school years?
What aged child is in a LATENT stage according to Freud?
School-aged because no new sexual conflicts
What hallmark study shows that schoolaged children have a concrete operational stage? What school of thought?
Piaget - conservation of liquid study
What stage is Erickson's kids in at school-age?
Industry vs Inferiority - develop pride in doing something well, self comparison
What are the child abuse reporting laws?
Even suspecting it is mandatory.
What are the types of child abuse?
PENS : Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Neglect.
What is neglect?
failure to meet childs needs physically, emotionally, educationally, medically.
What's the leading cause of death for kids under 6 mo?
Whats the leading cause of death for kids 1-5?
What is parental role reversal and what does it have to do with child abuse?
When parent expects needs to be met by child; risk factor for abuse.
What is the root of child abuse problems?
Our culture: violence is acceptable and glorified; men can't express themselves elsehow
What is the strongest risk factor for child abuse?
lower socioeconomic status
What should you check for if you suspect child abuse?
Development consistencies, suspicious stories, patterns of injury
How is child abuse presented in the hospital?
Mostly bruises, head injuries, burns.
What is the shaken baby syndrome clinical finding?
Kids come in vomiting but usually have retinal/intercranial hemorrhaging after being shaken
What factors effect end of life experience?
Diagnosis, race, religion, class
What can we modify for EOL care?
beliefs, symptoms, demands, hopes, support
What is palliative care
All other healthcare goals besides cure/remission, to comfort and embrace
Who do people look to for spiritual support when dying?
Clergy, doc, nurses
What is MD responsible for after death?
CAN: death Certificate, Autopsy report, Notification
What isn't MD responsible for after death?
organ donation and funeral arrangements