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What is a karate uniform and belt called?
Gi and Obi
What is your chief instructor's rank?
What does "Go kura sama" mean?
Thank you for working hard
What are the three main kata?
Sanchin - Seisan - Sanseirui
What does "Domo arigato gozai mashita" mean?
Thank you for teaching me
What does the word "Ki" mean?
Nature/Spirit, Universal energy
What is forearm conditioning called?
What does "Sanchin" mean?
Three Steps or Three Conflicts
What are the five purposes of Sanchin?
Strong physique - Basic stance - Proper breathing - Penetrating Eyes - Spiritual concentration
What does the word "Ryu" mean?
Style, system or method
What does the word "Do" mean?
Way or path
What is a karate school called?
How do you say right foot forward?
How do you say left foot forward?
What five kata did Kanei Uechi create?
Kanshiwa - Kanshu- Seichin - Seirui - Kanchin
What are the ten Kyu ranks?
Jukyu - Kyukyu - Hachikyu - Sichikyu - Rokkyu - Gokyu - Yonkyu - Sankyu - Nikyu - Ikkyu
What are the five black belt ranks?
Shodan - Nidan - Sandan - Yondan - Godan
What are the five Master ranks?
Rokudan - Nanadan - Hachidan - Kyudan - Judan
What rank are you testing for?
What is your present rank?
What does the word "Karate" mean?
open hand
What does "Pangai-Noon" mean?
Half Hard - Half Soft
Who is the present Grand Master?
Kanmei Uechi
Who was Kanbun Uechi's teacher in China
Buddist Priest named Shushiwa
How many years did Kanbun Uechi spend in China?
13 years
Where did Kanbun Uechi study in China?
Fukien Province, Southern China
Who created the Sanchin Kata?
Indian Priest named Bodi Dharma
Where are hte Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association Headquarters?
Okinawa City, Okinawa
Who was the first to bring Uechi-Ryu to the USA and when?
George E. Mattson in 1958
What are the four main techniques used in Uechi-Ryu?
Shoken - Wauke Block - Toe Kick - Spear Hand
On the movements of which three animals is Uechi-Ryu based?
Tiger, Crane and Dragon
What is the name of the style you are studying?
Okinawan Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do
What was hte Uechi-Ryu style formerly called?
In what year was the term Uechi-Ryu first used?
Who was the Grand Master of Uechi-Ryu?
Kanbun Uechi