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What is the date of Kappa Delta's founding?
October 23rd, 1897
What is the name of the school where Kappa Delta was founded first?
State Female Normal School
What is the name of the school where Kappa Delta was founded today?
Longwood University
Where is Longwood University?
Farmville, Virginia
Who were the four founding members of Kappa Delta Sorority?
1) Lenora Ashmore Blackiston
2) Mary Sommerville Sparks Hendrick
3) Sara Turner White
4) Julia Gardiner Tyler Wilson
What is the open motto of Kappa Delta Sorority in Greek?
Ta Kala Diokomen
What is the open motto of Kappa Delta sorority in English?
"Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest."
What is the purpose of Kappa Delta Sorority?
The purpose of Kappa Delta Sorority is to promote true friendship among the college girls of our country by inculcating into their hearts and lives those principles of truth, of honor, of duty, without which there can be no true friendship.
What is the object of Kappa Delta Sorority?
The object of Kappa Delta Sorority is the formation and perpetuation of good fellowship, friendship, and sisterly love among all its members; the encouragement of literature and education; the promotion of social interest; and the furtherance of charitable and benevolent purposes.
What is the creed of Kappa Delta Sorority?
May we, sisters in Kappa Delta, strive each day to seek more earnestly the honorable and beautiful things. May we each day through love of those within our circle, learn to know and understand better those without our circle. May the diamond shield that guards our love find us each day truer, wiser, more faithful, more loving, and more noble.
Who is the national president?
Bonnie Purvis Warren
Who is the national vice president?
Beth Martin Langford
Who is the national VP membership?
Betty Brown Mulkey
Who is the national VP collegians?
Kim Flood Ryan
Who is the national VP alumnae?
Cheryl Grant Sizer
Who is the national VP finance?
Wendy Shelton Sire
Who is the national panhellenic conference delegate?
Julie Landgren Johnson
Who is the executive director?
Melanie Mcmillan Schild
Where is Kappa Delta National headquarters?
3205 Players Lane, Memphis, TN 38125.
On which Sunday in September is National Women's Friendship Day held?
Every third Sunday.
What did Beta Psi do for National Women's Friendship Day?
Murder Mystery Dinner
What are Kappa Delta's four national philanthropies?
1) Girl Scouts of the USA
2) Prevent Child Abuse America
3) Children's Hospital of Richmond, Virginia
4) American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Name two national leadership training opportunities.
1) Appointed Offices
2) Council
3) "Emerging Leaders" Conference
What is the name of our national magazine?
The Angelos
What is the internet address of the national Kappa Delta web site?
What are the two of the many functions performed by the National headquarters?
1) Keep membership database.
2) Keep chapter records.
3) Accounting
4) Badge Orders
5) Maintain National Historical archives.
6) Kappa Delta Merchandise Sales.
What does Beta Psi do to support our four philanthropies?
1) Shamrock Golf Tourney
2) Events with Girl Scouts
3) Magazine Sales
4) Shamrock event with Fraternities.
List 3 ways that you can keep your Kappa Delta experience going throughout your life once you have graduated.
1) Keep address updated with headquarters.
2) Read your Angelos magazine.
3) Tell everyone your a Kappa Delta.
4) Put KD seals on holiday cards.
What are the penalties in proven cases of hazing?
1) The new member who permits herself to being hazed and the hazer can be put on national probation.
2) Sent to standards.
3) New member can be lifted/terminated from sorority.
What is the KD flower?
White Rose
What are the KD jewels?
Diamond, Emerald, Pearl
What are the KD colors?
Olive green and pearl white.
What are the KD mascots/symbols?
Teddy bear, nautilus shell, dagger, and katydid.
What do the four letters in PACE stand for?
Personal Presence
Enlarging Our World
What are the five areas of concentration that make up Chapter Excellence? (Hint: SLAMP)
1) Social
2) Academic Excellence
3) Philanthropy
4) Membership
5) Leadership