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to reduce in amount, degree or severity

As the hurricane’s force ABATED, the winds dropped and the sea became calm
an extremely deep hole; vực thẳm

The submarine dove into the ABYSS to chart the previously unseen depths.
concerning the appreciation of beauty

Followers of the AESTHETIC Movement regarded the pursuit of beauty as the only true purpose of art.
to combine; to mix together; hỗn hợp, trộn lẫn.
Giant Industries AMALGAMATED with Mega Products to form Giant-Mega Products Incorporated.
something out of place in time; lỗi thời, sai tháng năm
The aged hippie used ANACHRONISTIC phrases like groovy and far out that had not been popular for years.
to annoy or provoke to anger; gây ra mối thù địch
The child discovered that he could ANAGONIZE the cat by pulling his tail.
to judge a dispute between two opposing parties; phân xử
Since the couple could not come to agreement, a judge was forced to ARBITRATE their divorce proceedings.
able to speak clearly and expressively; khớp nối, khả năng nói lưu loát
She is such an ARTICULATE defender of labor that unions are among her strongest supporters
fearless and daring; gan, táo bạo
“And you, your majesty, may kiss my bum!” replied the AUDACIOUS peasant.
to support, to prop up
The presence of giant footprints BOLSTERED the argument that Sasquatch was in the area.
impartial and honest in speech; thật thà, ngay thẳng, bộc trực
The observations of a child can be charming since they are CANDID and unpretentious
something that brings about a change in something else; chất, vật xúc tác
The imposition of harsh taxes was the CATALYST that finally brought on the revolution.
someone prejudiced in favor of a group to which he or she belongs
The attitude that men are inherently superior to women and therefore must be obeyed is common among male CHAUVINISTS.
to overlook, pardon, or disregard; bỏ qua, tha thứ
Some theorists believe that failing to prosecute minor crimes is the same as CONDONING an air of lawlessness.
to trusting gullible; nhẹ dạ, cả tin
Although some 4-year-olds believe in the Easter Bunny, only the most CREDULOUS 9-year-olds also believe in him.
respect, courtesy; chiều ý, chiều theo, tôn trọng, tôn kính
The respectful young law clerk treated the Supreme Court justice with the utmost DEFERENCE.
to dry out thoroughly; sấy khô, làm khô
After a few weeks of lying on the desert’s baking sands, the cow’s carcass became completely DESICCATED.